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Portal to navigate between levels

PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 12,096 Superstar
edited January 2019 in Ideas

It will be very convenient if there is a way to reach to the PAST LEVELS / FINISHED EPISODES quickly.

**  I am in the levels 80 - 100 right now & wanted to go to level #24 to finish a task of "Queen Mia's contest"  There was no way other than go to the portal (kind of thing) and jump into each entrance to reach to that specific level.  This facility is available in "Candy Crush Soda".  Just like that, if there is a specific icon, we can click on it & go to the episode number we want to!    

Can You please look into this?  Thanks a lot!

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  • ScouserScouser Posts: 3 New Bee
    This really is a bit of a bug-bear of mine about this game. Apart from having to scroll through all previous levels and areas, it then takes you right back to your current level after playing one earlier level. That is annoying because when I'm stuck, I like to play earlier levels, one after another, to get some enjoyment and complete missions. Just a thought.

    Thanks though for a fab new game in this super series of games. I'm loving it actually - a lot.

  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 12,096 Superstar
    melhence said:
    QueenMia said:
    Hello guys!

    I hope you're all ready for a sweet weekend :)

    Just wanted to share some news with you regarding this feature. At the moment, our sweet Studio is looking at ways to make it possible. However, there are some technical limitations and the team is keeping focus and efforts on other aspects of the game to suit our players best interest too - introducing new fun-tastic outfits, sorting out new levels, and so on. Hence we cannot promise that this feature will be added in the future, but we can promise that everyone in the Kingdom is doing his best to make you happier than ever :heart:

    Have the sweetest day everyone! 
    The outfits are nice but they should be more productive...there should be some variance of character benefits for different outfits...eg even the outfits which require 450 stickers give the same benefit as costume collected with 100 or 200 stickers...I feel it would be more fun to collect stickers if some stake of character benefit is involved
    Hello @melhence
    That is very nice observation & great idea.  Would you please start a new idea with same explanation.  I am sure MANY will agree & Vote Up :+1:  :+1:

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