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kvanckvanc Posts: 52 Level 3
edited December 2018 in Support
Because of all the issues I’m having with CCFriends not working properly on my iPhone I tried downloading and installing CCFriends  on my Asus laptop last night.  I can access the game by signing into my Facebook and King accounts from there, however my progress shown on the laptop is different than what is showing on my iPhone (which is where I always play); on the laptop it said I was at level 250, yet on my iphone it shows me at level 263, which is CORRECT!!  Obviously it isn’t syncing properly.  On iPhone I still CANNOT connect the game to Facebook or King account. I first noticed that I wasn’t receiving lives. I could send lives but they were not being received either.  Plus, my daily progress has disappeared completely  (where it shows how many consecutive days you’ve played and are given a daily reward) - completely gone.   When I try to connect the game via Facebook  I keep getting an error message “There was a connection error. Try again in a bit”. When I try to connect the game via my King account I enter my email and password and then it just keeps spinning and spinning (won’t connect) and freezes everything!  I have to force close to get out. I have all the updates to both iOS and CCFriends.  I was one of the winners in the latest contest but can’t even gain access to find out what I won. I’m to the point now that I don’t even care about what I won, I just want the game to start working correctly again.  Please, can somebody help me?

1.  Unable to connect game via Facebook or King account;
2.  Lost daily progress level and reward (I haven’t missed one day either);
3. Progress is showing differently on laptop and iPhone (level showing on iPhone is correct but game isn’t functioning properly there).
I’m  concerned I will lose all my progress if I do anything. I desperately need help/assistance with this. Can somebody please help me?  Thank you.

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