How do I use the rewards I receive?

Thalia04Thalia04 Posts: 1
I’m only able to use the 3 lollipops at the bottom right corner in each level. I’m unable to find all the rewards I receive daily or after levels I pass. 


  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 4,302 Superstar
    Hi @Thalia04 Welcome to the Candy Crush Friends Community :)

    The other daily rewards are stickers which you need to collect. Once you have collected a full booster that is not a lollipop a timer will appear on your start screen showing how much time the booster has left (these boosters are automatic) 
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,586 Legend
    Hello @Thalia04, and welcome to the community! Your rewards from collecting stickers for characters are visible in the scrapbook on the bottom of the screen. Your stickers from collecting boosters (lollipop hammers and extra boosters) are not visible unless you open a gift with lollipop hammer stickers. These boosters will be added to your inventory when you have collected the required amount of stickers. I hope this is helpful, and have a wonderful day! 

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