Let's play - Answer the crusher question above you

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Calling all FriendsCrusher’s family to play a new threading game called ‘Answer the question from the Crusher above you. The game is simple : 1. Answer the question from a crusher above you 2. Ask another question for the next crusher. It can be serious, silly or up to you but remember has to be family friendly and abide by our house rules :) @QueenMia @firebombmarkus @Alansmart @Pummy_Raj @Elsa @MiaChristine @Foley1362 @wafercookieflippers @Mimiou @marscrushinit @shadowolf and the rest of the CCFriends family. Ok, here I go  A : (N/A no one above me ) Q : How old do you think is Nutcracker ?



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