Friends cannot come out to play! Game freezing, crashing and now cannot open it aat all!HELP!

AitchAitch Posts: 92 ✭✭✭
Hi Fellow Crushers, @QueenMia
My game on my iPad will not open  O.o :( >:) :p It was really laggy and glitchy last night-often freezing then after a minute the move would finally finish. I had to close the ap, clear the cache, (lost my flippin  boosters  :(  O.o as I forgot that could happen when clearing the cache  :p)
Yet still the glitches and lagging kept happening. I even lost my precious gold as one of my levels severely tested my patience, and sanity, so I bought extra moves and boosters to blitz the demon board flippin' game froze and crashed...Aaaaaaaarghhhhhh
That was my 'nice, destressing game with my cute buddies' last night...caused me so much stress I had to listen to Whoopi Goldberg being interviewed by Oprah on one of my podcasts to chill me the heck out! 
Today, I got to my iPad, tried to open my Friends game and nothing...nada, zilch, zero...kaput! All I get is the King orange screen then it crashes???? 
I CANNOT SPEND ALL EASTER TIME WITHOUT MY BUDDIES o:) Puleeeeeeassssssse tell me that there's something that can help heal my game quickly...I need my Candy Friends to help me survive family, children and friends visiting over the weekend  o:) 
Im all up to date with the updates, I still don't get the star chaser very often (twice!) And I've had loads of problems with quests not renewing when the clock gets to zero, it goes back to twenty something hours I'm missing out on quests too!
Any help will be great fully received and extremely important in ensuring my mental health remains calm and in control...However-No Candy Friends on this Easter Holiday WILL bring about me in Sulk mode...this is best avoided-I've got to cook for everyone and then be chauffeur and entertainer etc...I NEED my buddies back......H E L P. M E  P L E A S E  ;) 


  • AitchAitch Posts: 92 ✭✭✭
    Hi hi fellow Crushers, my game now has started opening but it's still really laggy n glitchy?? @firebombmarkus , @Alansmart @JustPlaying any help would be greatfully received  :3o:)
  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 8,727 Superstar
    Hi @Aitch I had such a good laugh reading your post 😁 It is always great to see players actually having sense of humor while struggling with game issues. Thank you for staying positive!

    As you may already know the studio and CMs are out of the office until Tuesday due to holidays. I am not sure how much it can be done here. I will give you some troubleshooting steps first to try. The last resort is of course reinstalling the game but you will lose all your boosters. I recommend you first to try these steps and let me know what is happening.
  • AitchAitch Posts: 92 ✭✭✭
    Hi @firebombmarkus, many humble Thankyou's for your prompt reply ;)
    I've cleared the cache and checked the memory available (16 Gig!) So it's neither of them causing the seizures in my game  B)
    I've built up a fair amount of Boosters so am going to have to burn thru' them quick time if I end up having to delete my Buddies  O.o
    I'm still baffled about 'my' Star Chaser and Quests failure to appear in my game...poor @QueenMia.....MyQueen must be right royally cheesed off with hearing about this loyal servants blinkin' quests...never mind stars :3 
    Thanks once again for the wonderful help n advice, I'm just going to keep on Crushin' as best I can for now and pray the Glitchy Gremlin stays AWAY  :3
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