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(FINISHED) 20 Gold Bars! What's your favourite place to play Candy Crush Friends Saga?



  • unicorn74unicorn74 Posts: 2
    My favorite place to play is in my living room .  I play my game while my boys play there games
  • LorenShiltzLorenShiltz Posts: 1
    The living room is my favorite place to play

  • cloverplantcloverplant Posts: 1
    Anywhere and everywhere,
  • nanapamelananapamela Posts: 42 ✭✭
    Anywhere anytime that I can play .got to give myself a candy crush break.
  • The_Kings_QueenThe_Kings_Queen Posts: 1
    My Favorite Place To Play Candy Crush Is EVERYWHERE!! I Absolutely Love It and I literally Play It Every Chance I Get  NO Matter Where I May Be....... 
  • I love to play in my bedroom after a long hard day! It always helps me relax!!!
  • sprout561sprout561 Posts: 2
    In my bed or at a appointment while I'm waiting
  • colt45_99colt45_99 Posts: 1
    I like to play any chance I get. I drive for lyft/uber. So when I have a wait for a passenger at the Indianapolis airport, I crush some candies to see how many levels I can get in before I get a ride request. 😃😂
  • Lovemychubby_01Lovemychubby_01 Posts: 3
    I like to play my game sitting in my recliner with my dog laying on my lap.
  • TB77TB77 Posts: 1
    I love to play when someone wants to have a conversation that I just want to nod and say yep every once in awhile   Lol 
  • partsgirlpartsgirl Posts: 1
    Anyplace anytime
  • sudieQsudieQ Posts: 18 ✭✭
    I like to play at work..  hehehe..  only on my break of course.   😉
  • TProsserTProsser Posts: 1
    Anyplace I am...i am addicted to ccsf. This game is my heroin ♡♡
  • laurao10laurao10 Posts: 1
    I play everywhere.  I think my favorite place to play is sitting outside soaking up sunshine while playing.  I just hope no one is around when I miss by only one or three spots on board because I then do not feel so Zen. I will yell.  😂 
  • nit51nit51 Posts: 1
    My Favorite place to play Candy Crush Friends is at home on my couch. 
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