(FINISHED) 20 Gold Bars! What's your favourite place to play Candy Crush Friends Saga?



  • SiciSici Posts: 3
    edited April 29
    bonsoir  moi dans mon lit car je suis très gravement malade 

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  • chas74chas74 Posts: 1
    In the living room watching tv 
  • LudiLudi Posts: 17 ✭✭
    In my bed in the afternoon
  • S_Counsell75S_Counsell75 Posts: 1
    Relaxing on the couch.

  • JeannetteIJeannetteI Posts: 2
    In bed at 3 in the morning.  Insomnia!  Or did Candy Crush Friends cause the insomnia!  At least I'm having fun at 3 am!
  • TgrenkeTgrenke Posts: 6
    Well... since we get 5 lives I play every where I get a chance. I wish there was other ways to earn lives instead of always buying or having to wait the allotted time to replenish. 
  • msmeme630msmeme630 Posts: 1
    edited April 29
    My Favorite “Places” To Play Candy Crush Among the Many Other ‘KING GAMES’ That I Partake In Indulging Myself DAILY PLAYING Is Really Outside Sitting In My Comfy Chair On the Patio With My Music & Something Cold To Drink. Over the Past Five To Six (5-6) Years I’ve Basically Became ADDICTED To This Game Along With Several Of Your Other Offerings. I Don’t Play Games That AREN’T {King Games} At All  Hopefully This Counts For Something Showing Just How LOYAL Of A Customer I’ve Been For the LONG TERM Plus I MUST Also Mention In Closing During This Time I’m CERTAIN I’ve SPENT Well OVER $2000.00+ Paying For “In-App Purchases” With This Game and the Others Over the Years As I DO Play So Religiously EVERYDAY-ALL DAY 🤩🤪😅👀💯📶💲
  • scorpio13scorpio13 Posts: 263 ✭✭✭✭
    My favorite place to play 🍬 Crush Friends Saga is on the 🛌 when I have a ❤ to play.
  • Roxy091606Roxy091606 Posts: 7
    I play several times throughout the day.  At lunch in my car and in the evening relaxing on the couch.
  • bead4vrbead4vr Posts: 1
    Whenever I can get some peace and quiet, my favorite relaxation is playing Candy Crush Friends!
  • bethybethy Posts: 1
    I play every night right before bed. 
  • BabyGurl10583BabyGurl10583 Posts: 1
    I love 😍 to lay in my comfy bed, play 🍬 Candy Crush Friends while watching my shows on TV 😉
  • KazimoKazimo Posts: 1
  • blondepiscesblondepisces Posts: 4
    I Love playing Candy Crush in the kitchen while I’m cooking lol  =)
  • payngasmapayngasma Posts: 7
    I play wherever I am. My fiance gets so mad because I an always playing this game. 
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