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Please only post ideas on how we can improve the game Candy Crush Friends.
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READ before submitting an idea!

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edited July 2019 in Ideas
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Welcome to our sweet Ideation section :)

Here you'll be able to vote for the best idea you'd like to see implemented in the game but also submit your own!
Because you all have great ideas, before posting make sure of a few things to avoid confusion and make sure your opinion gets the best visibility possible:

  • Check if your idea has already been submitted. If that's the case, simply click on the arrow to add your vote! Easy ;)

Here are a few popular ideas you might want to check:
. Add a landscape mode here
. Add a portal to facilitate navigation between levels (no more scrolling!) here
. Give extra powers to new costumes here
. Add a leaderboard here

  • Make sure to give as much details as possible so we understand what you mean exactly. Please understand that we can't really do much with ideas such as : More boosters" "More free stuffs" and so on. 
  • Give us constructive feedback - This section has been specially conceived for you to give us insights on what could be a great addition to the game. Please make sure you keep the idea doable and reasonable for the Studio to look at it.  

Any questions, please let us know by commenting below! And remember:

Help us help you!

Below please find a list of all current ideas listed in our “Ideas” section.  Before posting new ones, make sure your idea is not already in the list! Click on an idea to find out more and add your votes to your favourite ones 🤗

Hot Right Now!

Add a chat option

Be able to purchase missed outfit

PvP - Add Friends and play challenge with them

Disable Hints

Be able to save 120 min fish or candy award for when you got time

Provide more options for extra moves!

Give extra powers to outfits


Interaction with other players

Send Boosters to Friends

Choose your friends so you can have active ones

Add leaderboard and prizes

PvP - Add Friends and play challenge with them

Add a chat option

Be able to add Kingdom Friends

Characters, boosters and events

Give extra powers to outfits

Using more than one character per level

Add the Hand booster from Soda

Choose where to place booster during the game

Be able to purchase missed outfit

Create character that spread the jelly


More lives, more Gold, more Rewards

Unlock Gold without having to buy it

Free Piggy Bank

Recharging lives faster

Shake Piggy Bank like in Damond Diaries

Give unlimited lives/more lives

Provide more options for extra moves!

Be able to ask extra life to player on board

Get unlimited lives from Mystery Chest

Get Gold from Mystery Chest

Get bonus for passing through levels consecutively

Win Prize if get better score from friends on a level

Color bomb as daily gifts

Get more in-game rewards

Be able to save 120 min fish or candy award for when you got time


Game functionality

Add an undo button - Purchase undo

Disable Hints

Colourblind help

Disable Automated boosters

Show score on passed levels

Add a star counter

Add a confirm button after Add moves/GB

Show amount of GB while playing

Remember the last level we played

Add a confirm button to use boosters

Control Candy Fish

Help Friends like in PRS



Reduce the amount of animation

Unique Theme for each episode/Different map

Implement Jackpot

Bring in new levels, it's getting repetitive playing the same levels

Save Progress with Gmail account

Endless Mode

Preview of next level

Mix game modes

Exchange Boosters for Gold Bars

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