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Can’t log out on iPad

johnnythefoxjohnnythefox Posts: 2 New Bee
my brother-in-law has logged in to my candy crush and I can’t log anybody else in or him out, if I delete everything and reinstall it all again
it still logs in to his account and it doesn’t give you the option to log anyone else in, I've tried everything on the internet “log out of everything and switch off for 10 minutes to clear memory and log back in nothing will wipe his Facebook account, any ideas? Appart from king being sensible and change its app to simply log whoever wants to instead of default whoever is logged into the Facebook app (even that don’t work cause I’m logged into the Facebook app and no one else and it still defaults to my brother-in-laws account?????)


  • AcvAcv Posts: 592 Level 5
    Hi @johnnythefox welcome to the community.  When you are playing your game you will see a blue circle with a gear in the middle that is right next to the quests.  You would want to click on that and then click on profile.  Then you will see an option to log out.  Hope this helps you.  Have a wonderful day.  
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