Why am I not getting the new game mode quests?

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My family got a jam quest today to do jam levels to win a box. This was in addition to their star chaser. 

All I got was the star chaser. I completed it. I only received the smaller reward of the green box.

i also saw someone post what looks like Dreamworld levels? I don’t have those either.

why? Playing on iOS. This is the third time in as many weeks where my game has been not giving me quest prizes. 


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  • actressactress Posts: 112 ✭✭✭
    That kind of quest is always limited Tua number of players so the game doesn't have any issues for everybody else. Welcome to the community!
  • Thank you @actress. I thank you also for the welcome.

    I understand well the purpose of the type of testing you are talking about. However that type is always done at a stage much earlier than the release to the number of users I am assuming has been done here (going by the number of people writing just so far and the percentage of people in my family who got the jam quest). 

    The only test I can think of, which I honestly did not think of when this started, is how well the jam quest performs as a money maker. Does it increase screen time and purchase of boosters etc? That does not require feedback and that does make sense to me as a “test” but not in the way that it has anything to do with the type of user feedback that we think of typically. Also would explain why my family did not know they were participating or were not directed anywhere for feedback. 

    Also of note, is that it is upon the user to figure out where to go to report problems. I knew about this place. My family had no direction to report problems either, it was not just limited to an absence of “please provide feedback.” 

    I think the biggest question I still have is—what else is currently being tested?

    Also when would I be expected to receive the feature being tested today? It is another time for me to miss out on boxes, not to mention I still don’t know what rainbow road is. 

    Thats what started my inquiry. 

    I am not sure if you can answer or if anyone else will even respond. Thank you again. 
  • Hello and many thanks to you @PummyRaj for the warm response. 

    I will wait patiently for a reply. I appreciate you searching for the answers and wish you the best of luck in finding them. 

    I hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend as well. 
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