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Choose your friends so you can have active ones



  • CatherineHarrisCatherineHarris Posts: 35 ✭✭
    I don't really care who I'm friends with as long as they let me know they are players from Candy Crush. When I get these random friend respects i don't know if I should add them or not. Some don't post it on their Fb profile they are a player. I send lives daily each time I play first thing & I'm just now finally getting lives back. Be a honest player & Send xtra lives back to your players! If you have a small pink icon w/a heart ✉under your active lives Your team friend players are requesting you to send them back. HAPPY CRUSHING!! In case you don't get the notifications on Facebook. 
  • We really need friend codes because I have no idea how to add other players as friends otherwise.
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