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Why am I getting connection error ?

GaynorGaynor Posts: 16
 I keep getting connection error .. the reason is I uninstalled the game because I could not buy gold bars , and wasn't receiving and not send lives . Now I've lost all progress in the game it keeps taking me to level 1 . I have looked over old posts I've lost count how many times I've uninstalled , reinstalled please help I love this game but I am not starting from level 1 again 

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  • DoubleB423DoubleB423 Posts: 130 ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Here's a suggestion my friend! Log out of your KING Account (sometimes the "keep me signed in" box is checked). Log back in to your KING account- after you reset your device.  

    Best of luck!

    Accepted Answer


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