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Add a Star Counter

MisterMunnyMisterMunny Posts: 8
edited January 15 in Ideas
Hello everyone! I think it would be a nice idea to add a star counter in the upper corner of the screen in order for a player to see his/ her progress on an episode or on the entire game( based on how many levels are available at a specific time). This feature could be then future developed based on players feedback. For example, you could receive different boosters based on how many stars you get or you could spend stars in a „Star Shop” to buy different types of costumes. But for the beginning, i think that just adding a counter would be nice in order to keep track of your progress and pave the way to new great features.
Have a nice day and please give your feedback on my idea. Who knows, maybe it gets implemented;)
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  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,586 Legend
    That sounds great @MisterMunny! Sometimes I do like to ask myself: “How many stars have I earned in total?” Knowing your star count would be a great way to track progress. In addition, it may give you an idea of just how many levels there are currently in the game, based on how many stars are possible. Furthermore, using those stars to upgrade your friends would be a great way to help you progress through the game faster. Great idea! I hope it gets implemented! 🤞 

  • candycrushinitcandycrushinit Posts: 657 Game Expert
    A “Star Shop” would be nice. Then we can spend Stars on boosters and gold. 3 Stars for 1 Lollipop Hammer, 5 Stars on Striped and Wrapped Lollipops. 15 Stars for 30 gold, 35 Stars for 50 gold, and 50 Stars for 100 gold. I voted ✅
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