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Remove gasp sounds from characters when 5 moves or less (mental well-being)

MGirlMGirl Posts: 1
edited November 5 in Ideas
One in four adults suffer from some form of mental illness and one of the most common problems is not being able to cope with stress and anxiety, which can lead to more serious problems.

For the sake of these people (and I was one of them), please remove the gasps from the characters when there’s 5 moves or less, as these make already anxious people even more so and the feeling can last hours, or even days.

These games are somewhere to be able to take some time out of the stresses in life, so it’s disturbing for them to add to someone’s anxiety levels.

At the very least, please consider a wellness option so they can be muted if a user chooses (apart from a user having to mute all sounds, which reduces the fun of the game).

I would be interested in if King has a mental well-being policy or is being advised by a mental health professional.
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