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Can you recover my score?

jrg7777jrg7777 Posts: 2
edited November 7 in Support
 I am responding to Luis. My user name is ** Edited by CM - private information **  I was playing Candy Crush With Friends. I was approximately at level 550. I understand that I will lose all 3 star status and that’s fine. 


  • CDawgCDawg Posts: 6
    How do u see an old score from a previous level u already won??
  • jrg7777jrg7777 Posts: 2
    IPhone crashed lost my score. Wanted it retrieved. Can’t seem to get a response from King.  
  • CDawgCDawg Posts: 6
    That's wack... I wana enter these contests, but I dont wana play the level again and potentially lose lives... smh
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