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Play on intermittently offered

sdennis123sdennis123 Posts: 7
i used to receive the watch video/play on button for a certain number of times in 24 hours. If I didn’t use it then it would offer every time I lost until I did. Now it’s offered intermittently. One time it will be there and the very next replay it won’t (without using it previously). Same for add life/watch video.

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  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 8,959 Superstar
    Hi @sdennis123 - welcome to our friendly community. The watching ad/video feature is still in testing mode and not available for all players. The max # of views I believe is 4 within the 24 hour period. However because it’s still in testing the availability of it may come and go at times.

    I would recommend when you see it to take advantage of it 😉. Hope this helps 🙏🏻

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