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Let's Break the Ice: It's Question Time!



  • caambujcaambuj Posts: 1,731 Legend
    Thanx @wafercookieflippers for tagging me😊.
    You get me to my old golden days.
    I can remember there was no TV or mob and we used to play outdoor games.
    I am the youngest member of my family and like others learn from my elder brothers & sister. They never played with dolls or others and so I am. Now I can understand due to financial crisis we never demand any thing even dont know that we can purchase these items.
    Normally we make a ball with old papers squeezed in a round shape covered with a pollythene and for stregthening bind by some rubbers. I cant forget ever those self made balls😓.
    A part of that we used to play with marbles and kites a lot😍.
  • DoubleB423DoubleB423 Posts: 244 Level 3
    QUESTION #2- 

    I know this won't be a popular one, but what the heck..

    What was/is your job that you have enjoyed the most?.......  Aaaaaand go.
  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 4,380 Superstar
    Thank you @DoubleB423! I haven't been able to post a new question this week like I had planned. I really appreciate you posting this! I will pick it up on Sunday as promised. 

    For now, let's answer this great question you have. I think it is only fair that you go first. 😁 <3 🐳
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  • christine88christine88 Posts: 419 Level 4
    My favorite job was working for a state park over the summer at the front gate. I was able to meet many park patrons who would give me some if their old books so I could read them. Over those summers I would read a new book every few days. 
  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 4,380 Superstar
    edited December 2019
    The job that I have *enjoyed* the most was being a summer nanny in high school. Everyday I got to be with a family of kids, go swimming, take them to kid movies, do crafts, play games, be outside. the kids were so fun and sweet. But then 5 pm would roll around and I would get to go home, eat dinner, hang out with my friends, sleep. Even though I didn't know what it was like to be a parent, I knew this set-up was pretty awesome! All my friends thought it was lame to be playing with kids all day but I know I had the best summers enjoying myself while supposedly "working." I think about the family all the time.  <3

    Thanks so much @DoubleB423 for the question and thank you very kindly for responding with such a sweet answer @QueenMia! Thank you too @bearwithme and @christine88=)
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  • MahivecheMahiveche Posts: 764 Level 5
    Doctors translator for my Church and various health programs meetings for Sirians family refugees.

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