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Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters - Kimmy

Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 1,199 Game Expert
Hello everyone. Welcome to another amazing 'Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters' with me, the great Sofia1992.

Let's start with this. All of us have played and continue to play Candy Crush Soda Saga.
Except from the different background that CCSS gaves us, it also gave us and a different protagonist who is........: KIMMY

Kimmy is Tiffi's older sister. She is 10 years old and she used to live in New Jersey along with her sister Tiffi.
And her current location in Candy Kingdom is Soda World. Soda World was actually a part of Candy World but it was mixed and has soda everywhere.
Now if you wonder why, the answer is simple...It's because in one of Tiffi's adventure, Tiffi went to fix the machines in Candy Factory.
But unfortunately, something went really wrong there and as the result, Tiffi accidentally broke the machine and causing all this Soda to flood in a part of Candy Kingdom.
And that's how Soda World created.

Now let's start with her appearance:
Kimmy wears a blue dress accompanied by short, brown pig-tails with a red bow.  Also, she has brunette hair with a red big bow holding it in place. Kimmy wears a blue dress with a white bow and white buttons including blue shoes.

And about her personality, I would described her as excited, smart, determined (in harder levels actually), patient, strong-willed.
Kimmy has all the good things that a girl can have in her age.
She has a lot of energy and she is always excited for new adventures like her sister Tiffi.
And she is very determined and strong-willed especially in the hardest levels where if the player lose a life, Kimmy will shed a tear but with determination in her eyes, she will keep on and try again, no matter how hard the level will be.
Kimmy also is so cute and when you see her smile, then your day and your mood will become better.
Like what Mr.Yeti said to Kimmy when a player passes the first level in CCSS: 'Always sunny in Candy Town when you are here.'
And from that phrase and only you can understand how great life is when Kimmy is around.

Anyway, now let's make a very small summary on how the story of Candy Crush Soda Saga started:
It's all started a sunny day when Kimmy realised that her sister Tiffi stopped so sudden to send the bottle messages to Kimmy. Kimmy got so worried for her sister Tiffi and she decided to go back in Candy World, trying to find out what happened to Tiffi. As good sis that she is, she started to search Tiffi in Candy Town. There she met Mr.Yeti who is Tiffi's best friend and he was very worried about Tiffi too since he noticed that Tiffi had stopped to send letters and to him too. So, he asked from Kimmy to search for her lil sis outside in the Candy World while Mr.Yeti would be left behind and continued to search for Tiffi in Candy Town.
In her way, Kimmy passed a lot adventures and she met a lot of creatures. Some of them helped her and told her where Tiffi is while some others...not so much.
In the end and with the help of her new friend of Genie Jellybeanie, she travelled in the past and found her sis Tiffi who Tiffi was so eager of trying to fix those machines on Candy Factory.

Anyway, time for the facts about Kimmy:
1)  According to one of my theories, Kimmy and Tiffi gained their powers when they fell into Candy Kingdom. Yes, except from Tiffi, Kimmy has a power too. When a player used to win a level in the past of CCSS (before August's update 2019), Kimmy's bow started to glow with the colors of rainbow and she gained five new forms which gave her the ability to fly and she could gave us boosters. Yes, that's right. Boosters!
But in order to keep this power on, Kimmy wanted our help...to give our energy to her and helped her to pass these levels until she reached in her powerful form which was the Legendary Rainbow Bow.

2) Even though Kimmy is only 10 years old and she doesn't know how count, still if in case a player fails in a level three times in a row, then Kimmy will appear in the bottom of the screen and she will whisper something to you (Look the below screenshot and you will understand what I mean)

Seriously, my question here is how...how she counts and how she can remember how many people added extra moves in every level of CCSS.
Seriously, I'm very curious about it. Maybe Kimmy has great mind and she can remember everything even numbers too.

3) As all of you noticed, Kimmy knows Swedish. Yes, that's right. I don't know if Kimmy has an uncle or aunt from Sweden but she knows Swedish and she speaks them very well. If the player clicks on her, she'll say "Åh Läskeblask!", meaning "Oh soda!" in Swedish.

4) Her diet is the same as Tiffi's (500 Swedish fish per day) and for the same reason (good for her joints). Moreover, she drinks 100 liters of soda a day because it keeps her on her toes. If you noticed that, in some levels a player needs to collect those soda bottles cause they will give Kimmy the energy to keep on her adventure in search of her sis so that makes sense.

5) Her birthday was revealed to be November 12 which her zodiac is...Scorpio. Wow! That explains alot her determination and the dynamic personality that she has. Hm...

6) As we all know, her adoptive father is Mr.Toffee. However, she doesn't live with her adoptive father and her sis expect from some important events like Christmas and so on... Now the reason about why Kimmy lives in Soda World and she doesn't live Candy Kingdom is simple. Kimmy is older than Tiffi so she is more independent, more mature and she can take care of her own. Although for Mr. Toffee wasn't so ready to take that decision at first, well...in the end, he couldn't say no at her.

7)  Many of you in hard, super hard and ultra hard levels noticed that Kimmy wear Japanese outfits which makes me think that Kimmy knows a lot of things about Japan and martial arts too (especially karate) . Maybe...maybe Kimmy went in a journey in Japan to meet her grandmother and her grandfather who live there and they taught her everything Kimmy should know about Japanese culture and so on.

8) Tiffi as we noticed and from the levels of CCS, she loves chocolate while Kimmy in CCSS loves and chocolate and especially the white chocolate too...Don't forget to say that she loves and gum too. Wow! Kimmy has sweet teeth but still, she has perfect smile after eating all those candies.

9) Kimmy has many friends and one of her best friends is...Mr.Yeti. Exactly! Except from Tiffi, Mr.Yeti is best friend and with Kimmy. In CCSS, there are times that we saw them together and one of the recent winter updates, we see them together in a sled and it seems that they both have a lot of fun.

10) And last but not least, did you noticed that she is good and in other things like fishing? She is champion of this (if you think that she can fish more than 999 jelly fishes and I have proof for it) . Check this video commencial and you will understand . Don't forget to say that she has and her own boat to visit her sis in Candy World.

Well, that's all about Kimmy.
And seriously, I really hope to see her one day and in CCFS. 
I really wonder what kind of power will gonna have.
So, if someone of you want to see Kimmy in Candy Crush Friends Saga, you can vote here:

That's all. The next time, we will gonna have another tribute for...our favorite character in CCFS: Mr.Yeti.
Until the next time, see ya!


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