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Levels 2341-2360

ellectraellectra Posts: 33 Level 2
Are a nightmare. I am usually able to pass an episode in a day, sometimes two. With this one after 3 days i am only half way, despite the use of boosters and probably 20 hammers. Sometimes i needed 3 or 4 hammers per level to finally pass. All the boards are very closed at the start, usually only allowing one move, and it makes the boosters (friendly charge, coloring candy) mostly useless. I have been playing this game for a while and I don't mind levels that are challenging as long as they are fun to play. This batch however is simply very frustrating and seems to rely almost exclusively on luck. The video walkthroughs are also still not availble, even though I doubt they would be much help. I hope that future episodes will be more reasonable. 


  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 7,311 Community Manager
    Hey @ellectra, thank you for your feedback! Our talented level designers are keeping an eye on the levels difficulty, so that's helpful to them. 

    Have you checked their tips on these levels? As for the videos, I'm sure @JustPlaying will be adding them soon here. I hope that it helps. 

    Let us know how it goes. Good luck 🍒

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  • flew66flew66 Posts: 2,096 Game Expert
    Hi @ellectra, I agree the episode 2341 - 2360 is quite difficult. If I remember correctly, I got stuck in 2346 or 2347 for quite some time before I can pass them. Luckily I am getting a bit more patient and not trying to rush to the bleeding edge of the game. There are a few levels that I had to use a couple stripped lollipops or wrapped candies to pass. Having timed boosters to start these level would definitely help too. 
    There is no question that the higher the levels, the harder they are. That is how the game should be IMHO. 
    Our friend @JustPlaying is trying to record gameplay video that no timed booster or lollipop is used. It is a daunting task! I am sure it will take some time to get the video done. Fortunately for us that timed booster or lollipops are available. My own rule is try not to use too many lollipops otherwise it defeats the objective of playing the game.
    I am currently playing 2384 now and @kiara_wael is well ahead of me at 2421+. It is tough but it can be done! Good luck!
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  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 7,635 Superstar
    [email protected] 

    I agree with @Electra and you, this episode is very tough specially level 2346 , this episode need requires patience and finding a lucky board

  • frebfreb Posts: 16 Level 2
    Wait 'til you see 2420. You are gonna hate it
  • ellectraellectra Posts: 33 Level 2
    Thanks for your replies @QueenMia @flew66 @kiara_wael

    Yes, patience is key and this week I did not have much of it. Playing one level over and over again for a day or more is just not fun. So I hammered my way through the most problematic ones and am now up to 2380, waiting for new levels to be released. Ended up using half of my lollipops for those two episodes, but I have to switch to a new phone anyway. There were some fun and relatively easy levels in there, but overall it's the hardest episode in a while.

    Based on your comment @freb, maybe I shouldn't have been in such a hurry to complete them :)

    Good luck to @JustPlaying, getting through some of those levels without boosters is going to be extremely hard. 
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