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Exclusive King Virtual Hangout Q&A - All you want to know about Level 3000 ๐ŸŒŸ

CandyEdgeCandyEdge Posts: 1 Kingster
edited June 2020 in Discussions

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Hello everyone, my name is Joshua and I'm a level designer here on Candy Crush Friends Saga!

On the 3rd of June, I had the pleasure of meeting some of you in our Virtual Hangout and Level 3000 celebration where we gave you a sneak peak of what's to come! It was truly a blast!

Now, a few of you had questions that we unfortunately couldn't answer in the call as we ran out of time :(... but don't worry the team, went through the chat and collected the questions and I'm here to answer them below. Check it out!

Question 1 - How many moves do we start with?

Answer 1 - We plan to have you start the level with 26 moves ( this may change depending on how our Candy Crushers get on with the level when it's released)

Question 2 - Is level 3000 a 4 stage level before you can go to 3001?

Answer 2 : You will have 5 stages on level 3000 to smash your way through before reaching level 3001!

Question 3 : I have noticed that the level 3000 has only 26 moves and 5 screens (stages) to collect the Octopus.   Do you think those moves will be enough to go through all the screens?

Answer 3: YAY! I get to talk about Level Design Balancing! When we release our levels the Design team is constantly monitoring how our players get on with the level. Is it fun? is it too hard or too easy? So yes! I believe that you'll have the moves you need to pass the level and still having fun while you play it!

Question 4 -  Can you explain a little how the hazelnut blocker works? I’ve played the event and it seems like it doesn’t pop any nearby candies—is that right?

Answer 4 - So, the Hazelnut Crunch is what we call a "Linked Blocker". This Blocker however, does not need to be placed next to another of its kind to take damage. So by making a match next to it, or hitting it with a Special Candy any Hazelnut Crunch of the same colour will take damage. The Hazelnut Crunch also blocks Line blasts , so if you want to reach your objective with Special Candies such as a Striped Candy, you'll want to remove it!

Question 5 - What are the Game Team's plans on bringing the Portal to move to Episodes" -- I am talking about the Portal just like we have in Soda.  It is so much useful to go to older levels, when we help out the players when they come out with questions from lower levels. The way we have it right now, It is very hard to keep on scrolling to the lower levels :(  Please please think about bringing the Portal. 

Answer 5 - We are always thinking of new ideas to bring forward to make playing our game more fun! We currently don't have plans to introduce the portals into Friends, but don't worry, now I'm aware. We have the things coming over the horizon that we feel will only make you want to keep going forward!

Okay everyone thats all for now! I hope you're all well.

See you on the forums!

With much Crushing Love!




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