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Is Bubblegum troll worth fighting for to unlock?

Rocko1Rocko1 Posts: 14 Level 2

When bubblegum troll contest apeared back in my game, It showed I had 240/600 of him. Than I think before I played my 1st level, the game bumped me up to somewhere around 460 or 480/600. Now I'm at 560/600 to unlock bubblegum troll. I got really stuck on level 1212 and 1213, when I got past those levels I reached the bubblegum level where I thought I was going to beat it and advance to 580/600 but I didn't know when I lost the bubblegum level, that he takes off and advances several more levels on the game map and that I have to beat several more levels to reach the bubblegum level.

Before bubblegum troll contest started, I had around 8 pink hammers, 8 stripped hammers and around 21 wrapped hammers and now all my boosters are gone because I am fighting to get through these levels to try to unlock this bubblegum troll character. I am getting really stuck on some of these levels with (no boosters, no super streak help and there used to the AD'S when you watch the AD, you gives you 5 more moves if you failed the level so you can try to still beat the level with 5 more moves)

Right now I just lost my 1st attempt on 1218 which is (dunk cookies) level with Dach and that's one of the characters I feel the most comfortable with. I think I have 8 days left to unlock bubblegum troll, What happens if I don't unlock him? How long would it take until he appears back in the game? Is he really worth fighting for to unlock? It's going to be tough to unlock him with no booster help, no AD help and no super streak help.


  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 22,345 Game Expert

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Their team is still testing this feature (Add Free Booster too) and have created on first time (that means this feature is still not completed to be fixed) on this game.

    And you can search for "Candy Crush Friends Level 1218 No Booster" on YouTube or so that I hope you can follow these tips of how to pass this tricky level. 😊

    If you have any questions with this game, you can click here to ask a question that they will help you faster on Candy Crush Friends Support Community. 😊

    And here is a link to help you learn your way around the community. Here is a guide to help you locate the different areas in the community! Here you'll find the game communities, you can get answers to the most frequent issues here, and here you can participate in competitions and win Gold Bars and more! 👈️ (if you are interested)

    Have a nice and safety day! 😊

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  • debrichmonddebrichmond Posts: 4,549 Superstar

    Hello @Rocko1

    If you are using all your boosters to try to finish the Bubble Gum Troll event and you're not even sure you will finish it, than maybe you should tske a break from it. There will probably be another event in a few months where you'll be able to collect BGT. Try and get the daily quests by playing earlier levels so you build up some boosters to beat 1218. I have a hard time sometimes with dunk the cookies too.

    🌺 Proud to be a member of the heart of the Community! ♥️ Strong together, kind and respectful, we are a TEAM for and of the community. 💕

  • Rocko1Rocko1 Posts: 14 Level 2

    Well now I'm at level 1220 and stuck again. Eventually I get past some of these levels and than get stuck again. I wish his levels were a seperate quest from the main game like Olivia and Rachel have cause the bubblegum troll levels are a must win on the 1st attempt or he disappears.

  • tratelqalamtratelqalam Posts: 2,557 Legend

    You have to be more patient in the game and do not give all your possessions to the illusion that the most important thing is to wait for the opportunity to get gifts

    Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose 💔

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 22,345 Game Expert

    You can search for "Candy Crush Friends Level 1220 No Booster" on YouTube or so that I hope you can follow these tips of how to pass this tricky level. 😊

    By the way, their team will released season features randomly while not released day by day. So you keep your eyes out! 😉

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  • Rocko1Rocko1 Posts: 14 Level 2

    I did it, I got past level 1220 and played 2 bubblegum levels and beat them both. Now I have bubblegum troll unlocked and I used him on 1 level just to confirm I can use him now. I used him on a spread the jelly level which didn't work at all. I think he would help on any level except (spread the jelly level). I try to use Misty only for (spread the level) and if I can't use her for spread the jelly, than I use either Odus or nutcracker.

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 22,345 Game Expert

    Well done! @Rocko1 👏

    You just keep trying to complete levels with Candy Crush Friends Character. You can do it! 😊

    Good luck for beating and have a nice day! 😊

    💍✨ Diamond Lim ✨💍

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  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 8,011 Game Expert
    edited July 6

    Hi @Rocko1, congratulations on getting the Bubblegum Troll. He can be very useful in spread the jam, especially if your blocks are spaced out, then he’s an asset. He’s very good for the heart challenges too, he’s helped me out in difficult level several times. 😊🐰

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  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 2,039 Superstar

    Hey @QueenMia . Thanks for the tag and @Rocko1 , welcome to our sweet community.

    Yes, of course it's worth to try your best to get Bubblegum Troll.

    BGT has a very unique ability which is Bubble Blast.

    When you collect 12 yellow candies, BGT throws 2 explosive bubblegum candies on the board.

    • Swap the Bubble Blast Candy with any moveable object on the board to set it off
    • When set off it will explode shooting out diagonally from each corner bouncing three times
    • Bounces through Licorice swirls
    • Bounces over gaps in the board
    • Can bounce along Hazelnut Crunch hitting it several times

    BGT is perfect for freeing animals, octopus and he can spread the jam faster while he can reach and hearts in the hardest spots of 'fill the hearts' levels easier than other characters.

    Plus, BGT has two awesome outfits. His King Outfit and his angel outfit (seriously, I love his King outfit so much).

    Sofia1992: ~ A sweet girl, full of love and passion for Candy Crush Games and Community too!~

    ☆And...Friend of Friends, full of imagination and creativity!☆

  • Rocko1Rocko1 Posts: 14 Level 2

    I've used bubblegum troll twice in a level. The 1st time on spread the jelly level I lost easily. The 2nd time I used him on a bubblegum level which really really helped and beat the level.

    One thing I notice while playing the friends version, Is there's no map where you can go backwards and select to play a previous level that we already beat with only 1 or 2 stars and maybe we want to beat the level with 3 stars. I know we can do this in ( Soda, Regular Candy crush version). When you reached over level 1000 and you want to try an easy level say before level 100, It would take a lot time to go back every 20 levels.

  • KingChewyKingChewy Posts: 13,341 Superstar

    Hi @Rocko1 - welcome to our friendly community.

    Congratulations for unlocking King Chewy. He is my absolute fav character of all time (especially in Soda on BG Hill) Now it’s true it takes a lil time getting used to his power in this game but he’s well worth it.

    Like @Nat09 mentioned he’s especially good with heart levels and some of the tricker free the animal levels.

    Even if you aren’t fond of his power he has some of the best animation in the game in my humble opinion. Of course I’m a little biased with my avatar choice 🤪 but still it’s hard to argue with Fart Bubbles, Drum Sticks and Lightning Bolts 🌩

    I hope you enjoy him a lil bit more after all this 💪🏻


    Ps - thanks for the tag @QueenMia 🤗🥰

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