What are pre-game boosters?

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There are 3 pre-game boosters that you select prior to entering a level. These Boosters will give you an extra advantage right from the beginning of the

Pregame Boosters:

Coloring Candy

This will create a Coloring Candy right on the board when you start the level! When you match the Coloring Candy with any candy on the board, each candy of the color you matched will become the color of the Coloring Candy.

Color Bomb

This one too, will simply place a Color Bomb on the board when you enter the level. If you match it with a normal candy it will remove all of the ones of the same color!

Double Delish Fish

This one will create an extra Candy Fish when you make one on the board, so each time you match a 2x2 of the same color, you’ll get 2 Fish to help you out! You can match a Candy Fish and it will activate to swim off and eat another random candy from the board.

Some boosters are unlocked as you progress through the levels. Once you have used your boosters, you can acquire more with Gold Bars or better yet win them in our regular events!

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