What is the 'Odus' Birthday Bash' event challenge?

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Odus the Owl is wisdom personified.  What Odus doesn't know about the world of Candy Crush Jelly Saga, just isn't worth knowing.  

They say that age brings wisdom, but in Odus' case, he's wise beyond his years - because he's not old at all!  (Not sure what his age is in 'Owl years' though).

As a matter of fact, he's got a birthday coming up!  And he'd love you to be part of his celebrations.  Everyone's welcome!

How does it work?

Calamity!  Odus was up reading late last night and now he's asleep.  He's going to miss the party!

To wake Odus up in time for the party, you'll need to make enough flowers bloom by collecting Jelly from the levels which will help them grow.

Collecting Jelly from the levels in the main map levels will give you watering cans.  These cans can be used to unlock each level in the Birthday Bash map, when the event is active in your game.

Unlock, play and pass all the levels til you reach Odus and the party is on!  You'll also receive some splendid party gifts for your efforts.  Celebration time!

  • Collect the Jelly in levels on the normal game map to win the watering cans
  • Water the flowers on the levels in the Birthday Bash map
  • Play and pass the levels to move closer to Odus
  • Complete the levels within the time limit and rewards are yours!

When will I see it?

As with our challenges and events, you'll see them come and go so they're not set by a schedule or calendar.  Sometimes they do fall into a possible pattern, but this is usually coincidence rather than by design.  We like to keep things varied and fun - so keep checking your game and notifications from time to time and jump on in!

What if others can play it and I can't?

In order to keep Odus' Birthday Bash accessible and available for everyone, sometimes you might have access to it and your friends may not, or vice-versa.  This is so that everyone gets to play. 

Keep in mind, you may have it when they don't too - so jump in whenever you get the chance.

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