Candy Crush Jelly Saga: Beginner's Guide

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga takes the formula you know and love and shakes things up. There are new modes, a new candy and a brand new core mechanic to wrap your head around.

In Candy Crush Jelly Saga, young yeti, Jenny is bored of her Tree Top home. She sets off on an epic adventure to visit her Uncle Yeti.

However, the Jelly Queen, Cupcake Carl and the Pufflers are out to make this journey a little more difficult!

For those of you new to Candy Crush, or those having a little trouble with the game, we’ve written a little gameplay primer to help you crush the living daylights out of those candies!

The Basics

Candy Crush Jelly Saga works much like Candy Crush Saga and Soda Saga in its most basic form. You match three or more candies of the same type in a row in order to make them disappear from the board.

Swiping the candy is as easy as its ever been: place you finger on a candy and swipe in a direction (left, right, up and down); if you have created a match, the candy will explode along with all of the matching candies, if not, it will slide back to its original state.


Game Modes

Spreading the Jelly
You won’t be too surprised to read that this game is all about Jelly! Whether it’s sparring with the Jelly Queen or spreading delicious Jelly across the board, everyone’s favourite bouncy treat is core to how this game works.

One of the main game modes, and a mechanic you’ll be revisiting fairly often is 'Spread the Jelly’ mode.

In Spread the Jelly mode you will have a certain amount of moves to fill up a game board with Jelly. You spread jelly by creating a match of three or more candies but one of the candies must be within the jelly. Once you create this match, the jelly will spread to where the non jellied candies were! Special candies can seriously help when it comes to spreading jelly, so be on the lookout for opportunities to create and use special candies whenever they arise!

Jelly Queen
The Jelly queen is the sassy new antagonist, wiggling, jiggling and causing trouble wherever she goes. She is going to get all up in your gameplay in the form of a brand new boss mode. You will now have to face off against the Jelly Queen in a one on one boss mode where you take turns trying to control the board.

Don’t mistake her huge smile, click dance moves and semi-translucent nature as a sign of weakness, she is devious and has absolutely zero chill when it comes to putting you in her green jelly!

This mode is all about tactics, so solely concentrating on making matches is not enough. You want to make every move count, to always be capturing more space on the board by spreading as much jelly as possible. The Jelly Queen is absolutely ruthless and will capture space at will, so you have to be on your toes.

You can gain an advantage by creating special candies. Whenever a special candy is created, you will gain an extra turn. Both you and the Jelly Queen can create matches anywhere on the board, so be careful where you create your special candies, lest the Queen take advantage of your hard work!

Puffler Mode
The Pufflers are a new addition to the the Candy Crush Saga franchise. These little blighters are tricky and love to hide behind frosting. In Puffler mode you’ll have to hunt them down and remove all the frosting in order to collect them.

Collecting Pufflers is not an easy task! For one, they start hidden beneath a layer of delicious frosting, so you’ll have to go hunting for them. As you make matches and dispatch frosting you’ll uncover Pufflers. To collect one, you need to fully expose the whole of the puffler! The only wrinkle is, as soon as you expose a section of the Puffler, it will move around the board in order to hide itself again.

There are ways you can stop this from happening. Pufflers can only move to areas of the board that are covered in connected frosting, so the more frosting you destroy, the fewer places the puffler has to hide.

Luckily for us, Pufflers also make a lot of noise as they move around the board, so you can usually follow their path by the splash of frosting they kick up as they look for a new hiding place.

Puffler Boss Mode
In Puffler boss mode, you have to collect the required amount of Pufflers before your opponent, Cupcake Carl! if you don’t collect more than carl before the end of the level, you will fail!

Much like the Jelly Boss Mode you want to take the initiative early. Creating special candies will halt Cupcake Carl and give you an exta turn. If you create three special candies in a row, you can do a power move which creates an explosion, cracking more frosting and revealing hidden pufflers!

There is a brand new booster! The Colour Bomb Hammer. This booster can help you out in a number of ways.

It can destroy every single candy of the same colour but it really comes into it’s own when used in conjunction with another special candy, especially the colour bomb! When combined with the colour bomb this can destroy every single candy on the board. Every. Single. Candy!

Whether you need a little help or want to complete obliterate the board, the Colour Bomb Hammer comes in handy! You can use gold bars to get your hands on this useful little tool!

Hopefully you’ve got enough to navigate the bouncy and unsteady Jelly ground of Candy Crush Jelly Saga! Make sure you check back to for more tips, tricks and advice. Let us know if there any gameplay tips you’d like in the comments and above all else, get playing now!


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