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What is the 'Star Chase' event challenge?

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Astronomers take note!  Star-gazing has its own rewards, but they're even better if you elevate it to star-collecting! 

How does it work?

By passing levels to win stars, you can collect some great booster prizes to help you out on your road to success.

Each time you win a star from passing a level (there's a maximum of three per level) - it will count toward your total and unlocking the prize chest.  Gather up those stars and the contents will be yours!

All levels have a maximum of 3 stars.  When the challenge is in-play, you'll see a star symbol on the left of your map screen, alongside a counter showing how many you need to accumulate and your current total.  Tap the symbol and the pop-up will show the Star Chase details and your progress.

When will I see it?

As with our challenges and events, you'll see them come and go so they're not set by a schedule or calendar.  Sometimes they do fall into a possible pattern, but this is usually coincidence rather than by design.  We like to keep things varied and fun - so keep checking your game and notifications from time to time and jump on in!

What if others can play it and I can't?

In order to keep Star Chase accessible and available for everyone, sometimes you might have access to it and your friends may not, or vice-versa.  This is so that everyone gets to play. 

Keep in mind, you may have it when they don't too - so jump in whenever you get the chance.

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