Share your best winning strategies (Prime Arena)

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Hey all,

We would love to know what works best for you when competing against another player in the Royal Championship! This thread should also be used to share tips and help each other on becoming the best players out there 💪🏼.


The more you share with each other, the stronger you will all be!


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    The best for me was when I was able to use the color bomb for my jelly.  It gave me a lot more jelly on my side and sometimes I'd see that it affected my opponent's candy turning his yellow jelly into my awesome color jelly! 

    It was also great compared to playing Jelly Queen's game mode because we only had to spread the jelly on our side and I only needed 45 points to win!  Even when my opponent or I made a jelly move that affected the other side it never took over the entire board like in the game mode.
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    You have to get your jelly unlocked ASAP or you're going nowhere! Then you have to go straight for that color bomb and the wrapped candies with your jelly! Also make sure that you use a licorice lock to mess up your opponent's big moves!

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    So, I can't get the picture of the board to post down here, but I'll try my best to explain my strategies. It will require you to look up at the board though. I like to try to unlock the jelly that's under the licorice locks first, but, as it is with the board above, it's not possible at the moment. You may have noticed that blue horizontal striped candy behind those cupcakes. Clear the cupcakes before you ever think about touching the striped candy. If you activate the candy before clearing the cupcakes, it won't spread any jelly. Another important thing is to make sure the striped candy doesn't drop. You may also have noticed the two green wrapped candies in the center of the board. Activating the striped candy in the position it is in on the board above will keep it right in line with the upper wrapped candy. If it's locked when you activate the striped candy, the wrapped candy will stay where it's at, but it will have your jelly on it. If for some reason it's unlocked when you activate the striped candy, it will explode and spread your jelly. Under the upper wrapped candy, there is one blue candy under a lock and one orange candy under a lock. If those are still locked when the wrapped candy activates, it will keep the wrapped candy stationary for its second explosion. It's first explosion will unlock those two candies and the two licorice swirls above it. The second one will destroy the orange and blue candies and the two licorice swirls. Destroying those two licorice swirls will cause the color bomb to slip out of the clear jelly cube and into the field of play. More than likely, it will fall to your side of the board, where you can try to get jelly next to it and use it to spread even more. I'm pretty sure it won't fall to your opponents side, but I don't know all the mechanics of the game, so there is the possibility of it falling to your opponents side. If you activate the striped candy, the wrapped candy, and the color bomb, and all of those spread your jelly, your in good shape to win your match! Keep in mind that the colors of the candies won't be the same when you play it. I just used the ones in the picture to demonstrate my strategy. I hope some of this made sense!

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    I find not going straight for the special candies helps... especially if they aren't near your colour.
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