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How do you like the Royal Championship? Tell us everything!

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 8,058 Community Manager
edited February 4 in Royal Championship
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Hello and Welcome Jellycious people!
This is YOUR Exclusive Royal Championship area so please, don't be shy 😉

We need YOUR help!
Our amazing Candy Crush Jelly Studio has worked hard to deliver the exceptional (and full of fun) Royal Championship. They all put so much passion in it and it shows! 
We really love to make you happy, and to keep doing so, we need your help.
It's hard to create magic without happy players! Community is a great place for players to get together and discuss the game they love. But it's also the perfect place to give feedback! 

Therefore, please let us know what you think about the Royal Championship below
Is it great? Is it meh? 

You tell us! Be honest 😉

Your answers are very important to us as they help us understand you and make the game better for YOU! 

Don't be afraid to give us plenty of details - That would mean a lot to us and help us make the game more jellycious than ever 🍒


Thanks everyone. 

Happy playing and don't forget to have fun 🍒

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  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 17,822 Superstar
    The best part of RC I must says is the emoticons, I love using it to distract my opponent 😉

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  • Leanna_AllenLeanna_Allen Posts: 129 Level 3
    😂🤣😂 I do that too. At first I liked the new arenas but now I don't. They are about "luck" and no skill. I've only been able to have a winning streak of 4 then someone wins in one move..a ploy to get you to buy more tickets. 😒 
  • Leanna_AllenLeanna_Allen Posts: 129 Level 3
    GRRRRR I can't get past level 3 without paying 100 coins to keep my progress...About to give it up 😭 Sad because I love playing it...New areas are designed to make you have to pay. No skill needed just luck. 
  • jjac272903jjac272903 Posts: 139 Level 3

    @xrylanxscottx, @Leanna_Allen I feel the same. I pay a lot for tickets and I noticed a players strategy or skill only goes so far. I will win 5 or 6 times in a row, then lose four or five times in a row, sometimes it is by a someone who is just an awesome player and never loses but sometimes it's just by luck. Also, I noticed when you go first with the same arena and use the same strategy, it doesn't matter if you're already on that losing streak. You will just lose no matter what. Or vice versa. If you go second and are already on a losing streak and use the same strategy, you're still going to lose.

  • jjac272903jjac272903 Posts: 139 Level 3

    Ugh. I hate the 5 to 7 win streak. That's where I notice I lose the most too. It's taking me for all that I've got lol. @Leanna_Allen Welcome @staycisecora! No, you're not alone girly.

  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 11,459 Superstar

    I didn’t get to play it this round @QueenMia which is odd since I just got the pop up box to give feedback 🤷🏼‍♂️

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