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Royal Championship: Rants, Raves, & Things Probably Best Left Unsaid



  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 389 Level 3

    It happened to me loosing 3 times in a row at my attempt to complete 2nd level and proceed to 3rd!

    As it is well known there are 3 matches on 2nd level! I played all 3 times the 2 matches with pink lollipop and cage and won. On the 3rd match, all 3 times I chose pink lollipop + striped or wrapped hammer, to have better results! The result is that I lost all three times, I went back and lost my boosters.

    Some interesting details about this:

    At current game there are 3 boards available:

    Arena 4 a very good, classic board with good gameplay and good chances to win, for both players!

    Here we can say that you play a real R.C.:

    Arena 15, a very bad and boring board where you can be first e.g. 37 - 11 and your opponent can bit you in one turn, because candies fall from the sky without stopping or because opponent gets color bomb etc "by luck"!

    Arena 14, a very closed and also boring board, where you can be very easily closed! A perfect board for cagers, an ideal board if it is predetermined that you have to loose!

    I have to ask the administrators, why am I playing the boards 14 and 15 at the point when I am able to open a chest advancing on next level and obviously I loose, even if I have chosen better boosters?

    A lot of very good boosters are lost this way! Maybe is it time to consider giving us back the option of choosing boosters and not earn them only in chests?

    Another option for players could be to choose which board to play! I always loose on certain boards, mostly on the newer ones, not on the old, "classic" boards!


  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 389 Level 3

    Here I am again!

    Finally passed the 2nd level on my 4th attempt, but how? 😁

    1st and 2nd matches easy win, both on arena 4 and both using pink lollipop and cage!

    3rd match: pink lollipop and wrapped hammer selected, arena 4 again and just in the beginning my opponent "leaves the game"! (probably internet issue).

    Suppose that otherwise I should be stuck for a long time on 2nd level.

    Side effect: Another wrapped hammer lost, without having the opportunity to use it!

  • channie8channie8 Posts: 755 Jelly Moderator

    G'Day @Xarly @headoperations @alsto40

    I found your comments on the previous page helpful. I think I especially love alsto's humour. Nice to see you here cobber!! lol

    I think different people are listening now and would encourage you originals to have another say. "Time's they are a changing", moving forward. This place is a lot bigger than it used to be lol!!!

    When It comes to money spendature I also have spent money, at times, in different games if trying to pass an exceptionally hard level. (by this I mean days of trying, using the 5x times lives, possibly 20 - 30 times).I like to try to pass it on my own!

    I see a lot of complaints about gold bars and piggy banks. I think there should be a balance here between gamers and business. Not everything is going to be free because it's just not good business and then the game will not stay free in the end. Rather than complaints about the piggy banks (and yes gamers do put in a lot of effort to fill them) I would suggest making them more cost effective by lowering the prices, across the board. Making them more affordable for everyone to purchase as they fill them.

    What do you guyz think?

    🌻 Be Considerate 👋 Be Friendly 😂 Have sense of Humour 😎 Show Patience 🎈 Have Fun 🎪 🌼 Soda🧁 Jelly (RC)🍭 Farm Heroes🍓 Alphabetty 🐭 Friends 🌼

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 404 Level 3

    @channie8 At this point it’s actually laughable that they think we’re this gullible. It’s not a coincidence that everyone seems to have the same issues. Everyone always loses when you are playing for treasure chest. I have already lost twice badly this morning trying to advance when the first 2 games I beat the crap out of the opponent. I think it’s hilarious that people get so mad when their opponent leaves early and not letting them get those whopping 2 extra points. I leave all the time when the opponent has enough in the final move to win but they still want to cage me. Bye Felicia. Should have just made you’re winning move.

    Here’s my biggest issue with this game. The TIMER!! I get 30 seconds and nothing more. In fact sometimes when I make a move it speeds up faster. But the opponents get well over a minute. I’ve timed it. There is no way they should have enough time to make more than 4 moves in a turn & still have more than half their timer left & I look to see where I want to make my move and it’s blinking cause I’m almost out.

    Bottom line is the Studio doesn’t care what we want or think. They always want our opinions and they have been telling us for over a year now that changes take time. They have never once implemented any of our suggestions. That’s why most of the originals have left. Slowly but surely they are ruining this game and yet they refuse to do anything about it. That’s the saddest part.

  • channie8channie8 Posts: 755 Jelly Moderator

    G'Day @alsto40

    Again, I have to say, I love your humour lol You do make me laugh out loud! My teenage daughter actually came in to see what I was laughing at and she had a chuckle too lol

    I have taken on board some of the things you guyz have mentioned and used them to build my own strategy, before I even begin playing, I have a game plan that looks defensive but is actually not. It's all in the prep lol.

    I'm prepared to loose some games already, as long as I get my first 2 red chests, it's game on. I keep all my boosters and blockers until I'm near the purple chests and concentrate on my side of the board, unless it's necessary to defend it. I prepare 2- 3 moves ahead for my final move, which is when I have about 4 goes left. Today I won the championship for the first time in awhile and my purple chests, so I get the disappointment, that's why I changed strategy. The game no longer considers me a new player.

    I get this game is the one for you and its frustrating. Live games lol It's one of my favourites too :0)

    🌻 Be Considerate 👋 Be Friendly 😂 Have sense of Humour 😎 Show Patience 🎈 Have Fun 🎪 🌼 Soda🧁 Jelly (RC)🍭 Farm Heroes🍓 Alphabetty 🐭 Friends 🌼

  • mdeusmdeus Posts: 160 Level 3

    Hi there! I was going through posts this morning to see what’s been up. RC keeps shutting down on me in mid play. I really like your post. It covers what us old timers have tried to tell the new group of players forever! This game was so unusual and fascinating when it first introduced. Players were learning together and it wasn’t dog eat dog in the arena like today. Most of me wants to say that the game grew too quickly and the studio still hasn’t gained back control, except for where money is concerned. The “internet issues”, Oops something went wrong, all of the painful streak losses, boosters gone to waste. How can they regain control when the most basic challenges are seemingly too tough for their team. Not giving them an out. I’m being really critical. I quit playing for awhile. Lost contact with most of the originals, all that said, the RC has lost it’s shine. It’s not much more than a pain in my ass and frustrating to play if I can get through a game, or complete a level without being booted off.

    thanks for your honesty and aiding the newer players. You have steel in your blood. Or something!


  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 389 Level 3
  • channie8channie8 Posts: 755 Jelly Moderator

    G'Day @mdeus

    Nice to get to have a chinwag with you!

    It's great to see you here and I've noticed that the Arena has been taken off. Hopefully this is for a short time to fix the issues and it'll come back better than ever! Let me know what you think when it does!

    I do enjoy playing this game as I love the "live" aspect to it. Yes it can be very frustrating lol

    I liked the mastery points a lot!

    I don't think I'm ranked very high as I can't see where I am in the big picture of that, nor who is near me. This I would like to know lol

    🌻 Be Considerate 👋 Be Friendly 😂 Have sense of Humour 😎 Show Patience 🎈 Have Fun 🎪 🌼 Soda🧁 Jelly (RC)🍭 Farm Heroes🍓 Alphabetty 🐭 Friends 🌼

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 389 Level 3

    I hope too that arena icon will come back after fixing issues! It was a great add! 🙂

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 404 Level 3

    I just want them to fix the f’ing “Oops or the internet can’t connect”. I could care less if I play with the arena or the icon on the left.

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 389 Level 3

    @alsto40 I agree with you!

    Icons are less important! Most important is correcting the major internet connection problem, which affects hundreds of players worldwide!

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 404 Level 3

    These games are freaking ridiculous this morning. I have played 15 games-10 of them I went 2nd. I have lost 12- 8 of which were when I went 2nd. And I haven’t gotten more than 1 win in a row so far..... The beauty of the magical color bombs out of nowhere. Too bad they never appear for me!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Let the rigging commence!! 🙄

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 389 Level 3

    Stuck again in 3rd level!

    Wanted to proceed, but when I saw my opponent...

    What can you do against "Peter Pan"?


  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 1,164 Legend

    I just love how there is never a “positive” comment about the RC, but they refuse to change it 🤣🤣🤣

    Remember when we used to bring that fact up, and the CMs would say, “this is just a small group, and they rely on the feedback of many others”

    I always would wonder what other feedback 😂. This is the company’s website, there isn’t anywhere else to provide feedback 😆

    Oh the good ole days 😎

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 404 Level 3

    What are CM’s??😂🤣😂🤣 The good ole days when they thought we were stupid and didn’t know any better. Changes take time, there’s no bots, it’s not rigged. Blah blah blah

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