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So predictable!!!

dyccdycc Posts: 7 Level 2

how many of you know up front if you are going to win or lose a game? I bet most of you have already tell what the deal is. So boring... I don't like games I already know the result of. So predictable that one wins all the way until one is 1 game from getting the next reward, specially if the other contester isn't near of one. Or winning all matches as long as there's no reward coming... even if you don't move a piece!!! Lol.

I just deleted the whole app. I recommend you all lumosity. Ut has a variety of fun games that not only entertain you but also train your executive functions (brain processes) so you actually train yourself smarter while having fun! Here in royal you just get dopamine for free or are logarithmic deprived of it depending on your customer behavior... :)


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