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How Hard Is It For You To Keep A Streak?

NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 180 Level 3

In playing Royal Championship I sometimes have a hard time keeping a streak. I am not taking about the "What A Streak" discussion, I am talking about the streak you have to open the chests. On the first level of play you have three rounds of play in order for you to open that chest. A lot of times I make it to two, then lose the next game to open that chest and I always click lose progress and go back to one. Sometimes it takes a long time for me to win my first chest. Then on to the next one, and the same thing happens and I am back to one again. Then when I make to the next level for five, I repeat the same thing. I get to two, and it takes multiple times for me to get that chest at number there. Once I get the chest, I am once again lose the fourth game and go back to one. Then when I get the four wins, the same thing happens and I go back to one. I have only clicked the same your streak by accident, I don't use my gold bars to keep a streak I will just go back to one. The reason for me not to keep a streak, usually you still don't win the next game.

Does this happen to you? Do you use your gold bars to keep a streak?



  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 5,085 Level 5

    It happens to everyone, and it’s because when you reach a “treasure chest” match, the game is programmed to favor your opponent in the match. Although you’re playing to open a treasure chest, your selected opponent is not.

    It’s programmed this way in order to frustrate the player. As the player’s frustration grows, the likelihood of spending gold bars rises.

    It’s occurrence rate isn’t set to 100%, but it’s been set high enough that it can’t be disguised as a statistical anomaly.

    It’s a very unethical and shady practice in my opinion.

    Anytime you are bored and want to read about the many shady things found in that game, look for the “Rants” thread.

    I think it’s currently on the 3rd page of this part of the forum. Management here has it locked where it can’t be on page 1 anymore. You can form your own opinion about that.

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  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 180 Level 3
    edited August 11


    Thanks for responding. I've seen the "Rant" page

    😁😁 and I hope I didn't make this post a rant. Even though there are times when I am truly frustrated when playing, I still love Royal Championship. I miss playing on Mondays. I was just wondering how long it takes others to reach there chests. Take for instance on Sunday I reached six wins three different times and always lost on the seventh win, I never made that seventh win either. I truly believe you stats on this, this is why I never intentionally chose keep a streak ( I have done it by accident a couple of times), even if it is for the 10 gold bars for the first one. I realize the objective is for you to spend your gold bars to keep a streak, I would not do it. If Royal Championship want my gold bars, bring back the option to buy boosters and blockers, I'm ALL in for that! When I had that option, I spent well over $60 at one given time. I bought a 250 gold bar purchase for $29.99 twice in one day plus the $2.99 offer in regular Jelly. That's how you get me to use and buy gold bars. I also use gold bars for the 24 hour play.

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 5,085 Level 5

    It surprised me when they took away the option to buy boosters. It’s not like them to turn away chances to collect money.

    I’ve thought about why, and I have an opinion, but it’s not something that I’m sure about like the “treasure chest” matches.

    If they still sold boosters, their practice regarding “treasure chests” might cross legal lines.

    For instance, if they are rigging most all of the “treasure chest” matches, it isn’t right to sell someone boosters that couldn’t help them during a rigged match.

    And it’s my opinion they saw more purchases to “keep my streak” than for purchasing boosters.

    If I remember correctly, when you reach far into the tournament, the cost to “keep my streak” got as high as 150 gold bars.

    One day, the RC might end up hurting the company more than helping it. I’ve always said the company would earn more long term money if it was simply ran with little to no manipulation.

    I’ve seen some crazy things since it began

  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 180 Level 3
    edited August 11


    Wow! 150 gold bars to keep a streak! Maybe that was the reason I believe on Sunday when I was going to refill my five tickets it said 100 gold bars for five tickets and 100 gold bars for 24 hours and there wasn’t 24 hours left to play, especially since Royal Championship is not available on Mondays. I screenshot that and posted about it in a discussion called "What the h€ll". I've only mistakenly pressed keep a streak and I am thankful that it was only 10 gold bars when I did it. Even though it was only 10 gold bars, I was mad at myself for doing so. Thanks for your insight on possible reasons certain things go accordingly. Me personally, I can't see myself spending gold bars on a streak because when I did do this by mistake, I usually lost the next game. I can't imagine constantly doing that, but as you stated, others have. My money is spent on 24 hour play and I would spend even more on buying boosters and blockers, even though I know when you are playing for those chests the odds are against you.

    Besides you're only winning 15 gold bars for first place, and I spend 49 to play 24 hours.

  • Nikolaos_ProdromidisNikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 2,161 Jelly Moderator
    edited August 12

    @NatalieG , what you describe about 100 gb for unlimited or for 5 tickets, is a potentional bug or a potentional "test" to some "selected users" to "measure" their "reactions"! 😁🎸🤪🤡

    It is not related for sure to what @headoperations mentioned about keeping streak for 150 gb when you are on high levels! 😉

  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 180 Level 3


    My reaction to that was "What the H€ll".😗🤔🤫😎😎 I am a wrestling fan and the CEO of the WWE company theme song is "No Chance, No Chance In H€ll" that's another reaction to that! 😎😎😎😎. I do spend quite a bit of money buying gold bars, but to keep a streak, No,No,No! But, I can't blame them for trying 😎😎😎

  • Nikolaos_ProdromidisNikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 2,161 Jelly Moderator

    @NatalieG , I tried 1 - 2 times to keep streak by using gold bars, and the result was to loose again!

    It would be more fair if paying, you could keep your position without the need of playing again!

    This is another conversation, because there are a lot of parameters to be discussed!

    The fact is that I dont pay gbs to keep streak!

    If it was available the feature of buying boosters, I could spend a lot and I would be happy for this!!

  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 180 Level 3


    I hear you LOUD and CLEAR! I like that idea as well too. Also I am ALL IN for buying boosters and blockers! That's what you need to play the game. The chests are disappointing at times, a lot of the prizes have nothing to do with Royal Championship, some times that can be good, some times not. I have often wondered why you earn 6 hours of unlimited play in regular Jelly, why not Royal Championship? I can see if it was on Mondays that time goes to regular Jelly, but each time it goes to Jelly. I know it's just a 💰 thing but why not give the option to the player to chose? Once again I know it's a 💰 thing. Just wishful thinking on my part. Hopefully some things will change but for the most part I love Royal Championship.

  • Nadia1770Nadia1770 Posts: 236 Level 3

    Interesting topic!

    I try since yesterday to pass the first level and always on the third match a bot comes and destroys my day! 😡😡😡

  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 180 Level 3


    Can they ever!! I've had to play many a time to get to the third game and BAM! Here comes a bot to set you back. And the not so funny part it, it's obvious it's a bot. Then when you have the five set of games, it's hard to get to the third one, then when you do get there, along comes a bot to take you all the way back to one. But like it or not, I still love playing Royal Championship.

  • Nikolaos_ProdromidisNikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 2,161 Jelly Moderator

    The bots on 3rd match ( two first levels)

    Today it is more than obvious to me!!


  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 180 Level 3


    😭😭😭 I feel for you. I believe I play more bots than I do actually players. As many people they have playing the game, you'd think you would play players more often. Not the case. I hope you slay them today! 😛🤔😏 best of luck!

  • Nadia1770Nadia1770 Posts: 236 Level 3


    Today I had a 7 win streak! It looks good till now!

    So the "algorithm" decided to give me a more "competitive" opponent! 👻🤖

    So my opponent cages:

    Uses striped hammer:

    Cages again:

    Uses colorbomb:

    After two moves of me without anything important plays again with striped hammer again and wins!

    I suppose that Studio thinks that this makes the game more "challenging"! 😸😸😸😸😸😸

  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 180 Level 3


    That can be so frustrating! Sometimes before I have even made my first move my opponent has caged me and the hits just keep coming. I'm like how can this person can get their cage and hammer on their first move? Then their second turn get the " candies from heaven" throughout the game, with me just trying to stay alive in the game? This is frustrating for me. It's like you never had a chance anyway.

  • tokasa13tokasa13 Posts: 115 Level 2

    @NatalieG , to answer your question, you have to tell me if you mean with bots or without bots! 😀

    Without bots its easy keep streak.

    With bots is much harder! 😁

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