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🎖️ Where can I find badges to collect?

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 11,633 Community Manager
edited July 30 in Contests

Hello dear Jelly player!

Ever heard about Community badges? They are a fun way to show how engaged you are in the forum! Badges have points that can help you on your Community Saga to become a Community Legend, and, on top of that, they look amazing on your profile! 😍

Here's the list of badges you can collect in the Jelly Community:

Level Milestone badges:

⭐️ Club 1000

⭐️Club 2000 

⭐️Club 3000 

⭐️Club 4000  

⭐️Club 5000

And so much more!

💥 Weekly Race

💥Mastery Ranks

💥Royal Championship streaks

💥End of the Map Badges

💥1 Million Club

💥 Royal Championship First Places

👉️ Don't forget to check out our Contests- some of them have badges to win, too!

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