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LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 3,298 Community Manager

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Hello Jellylicious people! 

We need your help! 

As many of you have reported, power-ups such as the Lollipop Hammer or the Liquorice lock do not always charge when playing the Royal Championship.

The Studio wants to fix this and we need your help!


👉 From Tuesday 1st to Sunday 6th we will give away these power-ups in the win streak rewards of the Royal Championship, besides the ones you normally get

👉 We want you to try the power-ups during this week as much as you can, as many as you can and let us know what you think! 

Here you have a list of the power-ups we would like for you to try: 

We want your feedback!

👉 What did you think of them? 

👉Did the power-ups charge at least once when playing the match? If not, which one didn’t charge? 

👉Any suggestions you would like to share with us to improve the power-ups? 

Let’s the feedback get coming. 

Have fun and remember... May the Community be with you! 🚀



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