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Level 4083

puppers2puppers2 Posts: 6 Level 2


This is a Super Hard level and seriously, I can't even come close to winning! 😩

Any Tips?

Thanks in advance


  • KarmaPoliceKarmaPolice Posts: 146 Level 3

    I’m stuck on this level too. It’s impossible, I refuse to use a ridiculous amount of boosters which is what it will take to pass. I’ll leave it for a couple of days and hope it’s simplified.

    good luck in the meantime! 🙂

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 19,566 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome to our beautiful community

    You can enter the game and the level on the internet. There are lots of videos and tips. Nevertheless, I'll give you player experts by your side !!!

    Good luck

    @Sharon_Loose & @RegalRenz & @DeepshikhaSharan & @gr33n3y3z

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 19,566 Ambassador

    Hello, for the newbies I hereby warmly welcome to this community Would like to welcome. Here is a link that will help you further !!! Explore and discover the community, take part in the competitions and post diligently in the different areas. But please stay with the topic, otherwise there could be difficulties. Please also follow the rules in English to post. Then get on your way and I wish you a lot of fun here. We are always happy to answer any questions. Good luck

     I want to help you and navigate you better through the community. 

    Here & here is a how-to guide to help you find the different areas in the community! Here you can find all games at a glance. Here you get answers to the most common problems and here you can take part in discussions and competitions to win gold bars for your game.

    I wish you a nice day & have fun 😊 I am always available for questions and help.

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  • Sharon_LooseSharon_Loose Posts: 1,899 Level 5

    @puppers2 and @KarmaPolice sorry I can’t help, I’m not halfway there yet. Maybe one of the the others can help you

  • NamTruong2001NamTruong2001 Posts: 2,257 Level 5
    edited November 2020

    This is a preview for all of you. The hardest part is how to open up the board with few moves.

    I'm sure you will wonder why it is to strange. Of course, at the first release, the orange square is blocked by cotton cloud, plus four colors and thick obstacles, it is impossible.

    Now with the new update, there are thinner blockers. Good luck!

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