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Royal Championship - What do you think?



  • 95chata95chata Posts: 531 Level 3

    This is happening to lots of players including you and me.

    The most frustrating part to me is when I am close to win the 5th. Streak 😖 They send mean bots 🤖 along with the opponents and get showers of stripped candies, colored bombs, etc to kick my behind so I can’t win. 😡 It’s useless to complain to King, they won’t fix anything. They are just playing around with us. 😣

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  • NamTruong2001NamTruong2001 Posts: 2,262 Level 5

    Hello, the event now will end at 16:00 PM (GMT +7) instead of 15:00 (GMT +7)

  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 149 Level 2

    It truly amazes me how you can be one point from spreading the jam playing one of these make believe players, then in one move they have spread the jam and you're like saying "huh". Also be aware that if you are about to play and have chosen your two items in. hammer and block, if it tells you "something went wrong " you lose your ticket. So make sure you notice that and let them know what happened.

  • JMagJMag Posts: 132 Level 3

    lol I don’t know why I even play this game anymore. This RC, I haven’t gotten past the first game. I keep losing when they miraculously get boosters and clear the board whenever it looks like I’m going to win. In the past, I used to use up every ticket and couldn’t wait for them to fill up again. Now, I rarely check and I’ll go to sleep at night even if I have tickets left.

    Day two and I haven’t gotten anywhere lol

  • Nell16Nell16 Posts: 38 Level 2

    Lose the emojis

    If a player disconnects (for whatever reason) as you are obviously going to hit the score, then you should have it awarded

    Explain how some have got enormous scores (hundreds more than others)

    How come I play against some people with big win streaks but I'm higher than them on the board

    How come I never seem to play against anyone in the top 10 of the board I'm playing?

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 454 Level 3

    Everything you all are complaining about has been happening for almost a year now. The game is rigged and makes you lose you in hopes you will spend money on the game. The studio doesn’t care. They have proven it time & time again. You either live with it or quit playing. The people who have hundreds more obviously are playing with unlimited tickets & play a lot. It’s not rocket science or a conspiracy.

  • 95chata95chata Posts: 531 Level 3

    I am glad you’re disengaging little by little from this ridiculous game. I am doing exactly the same. I used to play hours and hours during bedtime trying to win the RC and nothing happened. It’s obvious that the blue opponents are ahead of us and winning because they are the players chosen by the office and the ones who receive all the boosters so they can beat us.

    I have the feelings that the so called “game experts” (the majority of the blue opponents) are the ones who are playing against us and they are the one winning all the time. 😖

    The game is rigged. It’s is pure business. All it matters to the owners is if you spend money buying gold bars to continue playing even if you keep on losing. They don’t care if you have fun, get frustrated, etc. So why supporting them?

    Best wishes to you, ⭐️

  • 95chata95chata Posts: 531 Level 3

    Yeah, that’s what we should do. Quit playing this rigged RC game so we can save our time and energy for something more productive in our lives. It’s very obvious that the office will always benefit their blue opponents. They don’t care if we get frustrated. All they care is if we buy gold bars to continue playing even do we lose most of the time. It’s definitely a tricky game and they don’t deserve our support.

    I am glad you’re somehow growing tired of this nonsense game and trying to disengage from it. 👏🏻👏🏻

  • ElthanElthan Posts: 18 Level 2

    hi Peeps,

    I THINK....in a tied game... there should be an option to replay the match...and NOT LOSE a ticket....#justthinking

  • KarmaPoliceKarmaPolice Posts: 146 Level 3

    3 times today, on 2nd level, ready to play my last game to try and advance to the next stage - I select my boosters and before the game starts it throws me out with ‘no internet connection’. When I go back in I’ve lost the game (which never started) and I’m back to the first game..and..lost a life.

    come on studio what’s going on this round??

  • JMagJMag Posts: 132 Level 3

    @KarmaPolice it's getting ridiculous. Twice now I’ve won my game, then I get “oops something went wrong” it bumps me out, then I get the “jellybeans you’ve lost your winning streak” crap. Really? I won but it says I lost and I go back to the beginning of the level. They need to fix that already!

  • KarmaPoliceKarmaPolice Posts: 146 Level 3

    @JMag yes, the ‘oops somethings went wrong’ has happened to me too today after a win. You would think after a year these glitches would be fixed. I’m glad I don’t spend any money on this game..

  • Nell16Nell16 Posts: 38 Level 2

    And what's with the game not being available on both my IPad and my phone every time? I'm playing now and can only do so on my phone.

    Stop messing about!

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 454 Level 3

    Check to see if your iPad has an update & then check to see if the app has one. That’s usually why. Then if all of that is fine... play a match of regular jelly. It usually comes up after that if the other 2 are updated.

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