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Royal Championship: Rants, Raves, & Things Probably Best Left Unsaid



  • nikkigarza2979nikkigarza2979 Posts: 1 Newbie

    Don’t waste your money buying 24 hrs worth of tickets they rip you off!! You’ll play the same board for 24 hours and never win! It was the same thing over and over again most I could win was 2 boards than I would lose!!

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  • 95chata95chata Posts: 587 Level 3

    I agree with you 💯 The problem is that not everybody see the reality of this RC competition.

    It’s rigged. No matter how hard you try to win, at the end, they dictate who does and who doesn’t. My theory is that the office is playing against us. They have their own players competing against us (the green or blue opponents) and of course they have the power of always beating our behinds whenever they want to. Rarely you might win a championship but most of the time, you will lose.

    I don’t spend a single penny on any of this King games. They are already billionaires by taking advantages from naive and addictive players. 😡

    Good luck to you 🍀

  • Nell16Nell16 Posts: 38 Level 2

    I have never paid to play. I use the gold I win. I usually finish in the top 10 of a tournament. Mostly top 5. I have won at least 5 times and top 3 several times.

    So whilst the individual games appear to be rigged, the tournament can still be won. (Currently 4th)

  • 95chata95chata Posts: 587 Level 3

    Hi @DieOmimi! Happy New Year! 🥳

    I couldn’t agree with you more and I love it when you said “ It was so manipulated that Ii lost pleasure” 👍🏼 I think many of us have experienced the same thing already.

    I am having more fun playing on the Map than the RC.

    I wish you the best in 2021 🍀🌟

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 15,086 Friends Moderator

    @95chata Thank you for your good wishes for 2021. Thank you for your good wishes for 2021. I also wish everyone a good start in 2021 and especially health.

    This time I have not played RC because I was busy with my family during the holidays.

    On the main map I'm back at the end, even though there were some levels in the current episode that cost me a lot of boosters and 9 GB to pass them. But I did it.

    My motto is still not to invest money. I have not done so and I will not do it in the future. If you pay attention to what a 24-hour ticket costs and what it brings when you get the first place, it's just not a good relationship for me. You also have to invest a lot of time that I don't have.

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 4,811 Level 5

    You really do seem like a fun player. I hope it takes a while before the RC rips the fun out of your heart like many of us.

    Oh, and just to be fair, you credited the wrong person for starting this informative and humors thread. These rants and raves were started by myself, @Leanna_Allen, @jjac272903, @mdeus, @alsto40, @dc2015, and the rest of the original jelly family. We just don’t come around here much anymore.

    We may all come back some some day if this game ever changes. But we learned that change takes time. 😎

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 454 Level 3

    FIX THE OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG AND THE NO INTERNET CONNECTION!! I am SICK & TIRED of losing my streak cause you can’t fix this!! It’s beyond ridiculous at this point.!!!!!!

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 454 Level 3

    And we’ve learned there is no time table for said changes since we’re still waiting to see any!! 😂🤣

  • BMummert46176BMummert46176 Posts: 64 Level 2

    This happened to me today. I did screen shot and they were covered up. At the end of the game they had changed their icon. How can this be right?


  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,330 Jelly Moderator

    G'day @headoperations,

    So sorry, my sincere apologies, for sure!! It's so hard to get to the 1st page of threads sometimes. It's like a jungle,trying to get thru off topic comments and "self advertising" .Well I may have put my foot in it today as I got very cross at all this silly business and posted quite bluntly a couple of times !! Too late my heart is affected!!

    Please come back, it would be ever so lovely to chat with a team of "Originals" and I do think @Elsa would love it, she's great!!!

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 4,811 Level 5

    Oh I’m still around the community quite a bit. I like the community. I’m mostly active in Candy Crush Soda, but still play the original, Jelly, and Friends

    It’s the Royal Championship (RC) that I left. Myself and everyone I mentioned were here from the beginning of the RC. We spent a considerable amount of time and money playing it. And over the span of a year we submitted large amounts of feedback. We saw the RC through LOTS of iterations and we found that our opinions didn’t matter.

    When things were broke, we were told that it must be on our end. When we went through their “idea” program, we found that not a single idea of ours were implemented.

    And we started noticing little things that indicated that players were being cheated. So, being very dedicated players, we thoroughly investigated those areas. And we started providing undeniable evidence that the players were being cheated. Real proof

    We must’ve been hard to deal with because community managers kept changing here. Eventually, this area was practically abandoned by management.

    This thread is an interesting read if you want to see what went down, and the proof that was provided. Most of the posts that occurred during that time is still here. But not all was kept. A hundred or so pages were removed.

    Some of the original Jelly Family just left the RC area, but the majority left the community entirely. There are a few that still play RC though, but it’s not active like it used to be.

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,330 Jelly Moderator

    G'day @headoperations

    That's really disheartening!! So sad to hear!

    I'm very glad you're still here, around The Community, though. I'm encouraged by that!!

    Please have a gander around the other posts I tagged you in, especially the at @Glenn1972. His was a fantastic question and even after a lot of hours researching we couldn't find a lot. You could be very helpful to him. :0)

  • 95chata95chata Posts: 587 Level 3

    I am so glad you were able to spend quality time with your family during the holidays. 🎄 That’s very important. ❤️

    Regarding spending money playing candy crush or RC, I agree with you and NO I don’t do that at all. Hopefully others also take your advice so they don’t have to waste their time and money on something that will not bring them joy but pure frustration.

    Best wishes to you 🙏🏻

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