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Royal Championship - What do you think?



  • Nikolaos_ProdromidisNikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 1,791 Level 4

    @lautje72 Hi!

    I came for some tips!

    If you think that playing using your profile you mostly loose than win, it is time to play a little bit differently!

    (This tip works if you play using a facebook profile or any registered by email profile, so that later you can return to your profile without loosing any prograss on the main jelly board! )

    • Log out your f/b profile
    • You will be on level 1 on Jelly mainboard! The game gives you 50 gold bars and a random profile, one of these:

    • You play the levels 1-4 on elly mainboard, so that the RC Arena will open
    • Enter RC and play!

    Most possible is to pass the two first levels without any problems! Then when you reach the third level, things maybe will be a little harder, but you have 50 gb to get unlimited!

    It is very possible using this kind of account, not to have people who get unlimited in your leaderboard! Also, most players in the leaderboard don't play too much! And your opponents normally are easier, at least more of the times!

    You have to try at least once this trick just to see what's going on!

    You have to know that this way you loose all gold bars in the piggy bank.

    If you want to play using your own facebook account and not meet unlimited users, avoid to enter into event exactly when begins, but wait several hours and enter! I usually wait 8 - 10 -12 hrs and I do not meet players who get unlimited!

    O.k , always there is a possibility to meet one, but not three player who will take the three first places!!

    Try, if you want and tell us your opinion! 😎

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,113 Jelly Moderator

    G'Day @Allouna76 @NikolaosProdromidis

    We all know I have a warped sense of humour and play RC different to you all but I like playing against the bots LOL They provide me a never ending source of laughter!

    Since I don't care about the streaks either or the chests really, when I think I'm playing one I just do ridiculous moves and make it harder for them to win. If they do, well.. they do but at least it wasn't won easily! It's cool when they get shirty and block you even more. How cool is that I love it!!! Even Missy just shakes her head and rolls her eyes now when she walks past and sees me laughing my head off.

    Of course it would be nice to win and get a good streak but in my mind, I'm already winning!!! Laughing is awesome!!!

  • NamTruong2001NamTruong2001 Posts: 2,289 Level 5

    For some reasons, I'm still in the first place though I joined very soon.


  • mdeusmdeus Posts: 178 Level 2


    I have a question about connecting to RC on a device I normally play on. I’m not getting access to the game. Please advise! Thank you!


  • KrishnopakkhoKrishnopakkho Posts: 107 Level 2

    they called it chain reaction...You can lose your winning game so easily...it can be your opponents luck by the beautiful algorithm...

  • KrishnopakkhoKrishnopakkho Posts: 107 Level 2

    Why you giving this pop-up message again and again where not giving an extra ticket...?... It happens to me for at least 30 times and I get only 2 extra tickets and just lost my gold by trying to closing it... Just press on "Tap to continue" to close that and suddenly it disappeared and my pressing fall on "keep progress" what was in return of 15 gold and I just lost 15 gold without no reason...same thing happened before but I was lucky to avoiding this accident... Is it any new problem or just another tricks to consume gold...?

    So for how long I have to lose my winning game for some technical issue and now is the new story "gold" ???

  • Nikolaos_ProdromidisNikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 1,791 Level 4

    @Krishnopakkho the same happened to me a few months ago, I explained here in the forum the situation about loosing accidentally gold bars and they understood and removed it!

    But they removed also and the "arena" icon! Probably they are somehow relayad.

    Then many players started complaining about arena icon and the Studio returned back both of them!!

  • KrishnopakkhoKrishnopakkho Posts: 107 Level 2

    Why I will not shout?

    Why I will not eyeball to the studio?

    Same things happened again again and again... After 7th try I came to this far for this level and you can see clearly on this image I win this game and suddenly this boring pop-up came up and I lose this winning game again... I do have a well internet connection... Everything is going well my internet connection... So now you @channie8 @headoperations @Lola_Pop give me a good explanation or give my streak and tickets back... I'm not going to stop now... If you ban me for my fingering to the studio I will come up with another 10 new mail ID and ban those 10 will come up with another 100... Now all I want is studio will cover my loss must... I am not going to stop after all of this... Enough of this patience thing... This time we do not want to hear they are trying... I just want my tickets and streak back...

  • RobinandcleoRobinandcleo Posts: 28 Level 2

    I agree, totally rediculous. It gets to the point where in you're blocked in and can not make a move. I had three of them doing that. And constantly using the lollipop and then a turn. When it gets to that point I'm thinking they should play by themselves. And then you the ones cheating, coming all the way over your side moving your jellical just because they're loosing. I was paying for the game, but now I see all this nonsense I stopped paying to play the game. It's to many things going on with the Community, like the Community's can resolve this. So I learn all the one's that does it and I do It back to them. It's a shame you have to play the game like this. It's supposed to be fun, not personal. The one's that come way over and change what you have played, that's called hacking. If they can d.

  • RobinandcleoRobinandcleo Posts: 28 Level 2

    Have any one had a person that's annoying constantly keep trying to play Royal Championship with you and cheating, reaching way pass your side and change what you played because they're loosing the game. And I keep leaving so I don't play with them. Also have different profile picture and name but its the same person. That makes me sceptical. Because of the the things that happened on the internet.

    This the person I'm speaking 🗣️ about.

  • KrishnopakkhoKrishnopakkho Posts: 107 Level 2

    And you can't say nothing...They will not solve those problems...Will not give any proper explanation of this situation...Not will suggest you to how to get rid of this technical issues...

    Just all they say is keep your manner...Keep your patience...Don't finger to the studio...Don't eyeballed to them...

    All I can see is 2 things can happen here...

    Studio don't have proper technical guys to solve those issues. Neither those problems shouldn't take almost 1 year to be solved...


    They are doing cheat with us by using these issues as a cause...

  • Allouna76Allouna76 Posts: 190 Level 3

    Hello @Krishnopakkho

    I know what you are facing, Im playing 24h ticket and still on the same place, but if you won the game and the message of “something wrong” appear do not close the message just close the full game if you are using iphone slide the app up and open it again it works with me but sometimes.

    for the message of “you have rank it up” you do not have to tap on the message of “click here to continue” you can touch the screen any where like in the top up and the message will go

    Im doing that now because same thing happen to me every time I close the game an reopen it

    All of us complained many time and I sent hundred of emails to the studio with no changes of sure so I start playing just game by game. I care about wining the game where im playing I do not look any more at the streak and Im not using any strong boosters so I have now like more than 60 hummers and stripped lollipop and around 85 blockers all kind of them.

    when you use strong boosters your opponent have the same

    I hope that will help you a little and even if you point of the studio are any other player/Moderator or even the Creator of the game himself you will not get what you want

    around 40% from the world population play this game and they care about the money and how much they gain monthly

    I already mention before that on 2018 the revenue was more than 1billion $ so do you think they will care about our comments or complains never

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 4,730 Level 5

    Alright, I wasn’t going to chime in again, but you tagged me, so here I am, you’ve got me.

    You know the following:

    1. This game is plagued with connection issues. Like many game companies attempting to utilize “matchmaking” technology, it is often met with failure. Just read online what happened with Konami yesterday for example. The point is, you know this game doesn’t work smoothly, but are playing anyway.
    2. When it does work properly, you know the odds are possibly against you winning many of your matches. You know this, but are playing anyway.
    3. You’ve been voicing your complaints about the game for a long time, and you haven’t seen the corrections that you expected. You know this, but are playing anyway.

    You come here ONLY to complain, and have been politely told to stop doing so in the manner you’ve become accustomed to, but you won’t.

    Now you’re threatening to start multiple accounts just so you can continue to come here and complain about a game that you clearly don’t like.

    Just how much free time do you have? Are you really that determined to waste it?

    Maybe so, but in the future, don’t tag me demanding an answer as to why those things keep happening.

    Ill give you the answer this one time only. It keeps happening because you choose to keep playing.

    Have a good day not enjoying yourself


  • KrishnopakkhoKrishnopakkho Posts: 107 Level 2

    I just don't understand why is the community for?...To help the studio or us...They don't like if we say anything against the studio...And studio are not going to solve those problem...And they are not giving us any update...

    So why is the community for and what is benefit to complaining here and also sharing our situation...

    If the studio unable to solve this at least they should remove the streaks until they find any solution to "Sorry! Something went wrong" issue...

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