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Missing winning streak

insoucianceinsouciance Posts: 23 Level 2

Now not only is the win streak broken, there is no winning streak mechanism at all? Is it missing as I don't see the bonus items when winning and I don't have any tally that counts my win streak anymore


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  • insoucianceinsouciance Posts: 23 Level 2

    So is it affecting only certain players? Cause mine was fine yesterday but then suddenly it disappeared

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,329 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @insouciance

    Are you still having this happen?

    Would you please let us know which device and platform you are playing and your Player ID? If you have a screenshot that would be great :0)

  • insoucianceinsouciance Posts: 23 Level 2

    Hi @Lady_Sarina,

    I am playing on my phone Samsung Galaxy S21+ Ultra all this while and had not issue but this happened. Where do I find my player ID?

    As you can see, many of the features are missing including the candy necklace, the chocolate box, the diamond trophy etc.

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend

    @insouciance Hi and welcome,

    This is candy crush saga and you are in the Candy crush jelly forum. Have linked candy crush forum below

    The Win Streak feature is a Test feature and is not always guaranteed to be in your game, It is given to groups of randomly selected people, so this just means your not in that group at present but you could be again in the future. It can also be missing due to temporary problems

    To make sure your getting the features available to you check your game is up to date and log out and clear the cache from your app store or browser. restart your device , then log back in. regularly do this to keep your game as up to date as possible

    Thank you

  • insoucianceinsouciance Posts: 23 Level 2

    Oh lol. So it seems that the candy crush saga moderators are not working since they did not ask for my info like you did..

  • insoucianceinsouciance Posts: 23 Level 2

    @Freddy_ Thank you for your information. However does it make sense to avail it to certain players only? I had that win streak then it is gone along with other features like chocolate box and diamond trophy. Moreover they just wiped out all my items for no reason. Doesnt seem like Candy Crush wish players to keep playing..

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend

    @insouciance Hi again

    Its the way it has always been. Every feature is classed as a test feature, like video ads some get it some don't. I have played for 8 years and never got video ads. Totally random selection so nothing can be done regarding it, but also note it could just be a temporary issue with the feature, hopefully just keep your game up to date and you will see it return to your game soon

  • insoucianceinsouciance Posts: 23 Level 2

    @Freddy_ My app is up to date. Isn't not getting ad a good thing? Lol. Why is it a test feature if they put it up officially as a feature? Or how long they want to test if it has already been a feature for a long time? Cannot be all the features suddenly disappeared at once. Feels so empty playing it now

  • HavishHavish Posts: 1,526 Level 4

    No glitches in my game. I have Allen's Airborne for a winnings streak

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