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🌟🔠 Jelly Word Search Jellybean Challenge 🔠🌟

Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 4,926 Jelly Moderator
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🌟🔠 Jelly Word Search Jellybean Challenge 🔠🌟

Hi Jelly Crew,

Welcome to our first Jellybean Challenge Word Search!👓📝

Yes it's Jelly Themed, so look for Jelly Words, take your time and have fun 😍


👓 The Word Search has 16 Words, all related to Jelly Saga.

👓 Find the 16 Words on the grid and post them in the Spoiler feature.

👓 The words are vertical, horizontal and backwards.

👓 This comp is open for 1 month, so take your time and have fun.

👓 5 Jellybeans for 1 entry only please :0)

📝 I thought we'd start off our first one a little on the easier side.

📝 Is it easy though, was it too easy? Let me know in your comment once you've finished 🌻

📝 What about other language speakers, how did you guyz find this puzzle? All constructive feedback is welcome 🙌

👓 Contest closes Tuesday 22nd November 2021 5pm CEST

👓 Terms & Conditions

🧐💚 Just thinking.......I'll be on the look out, all around Jelly, for the rest of this month and next month....What for?......Interesting and helpful constructive feedback comments....📜 Why? I'm looking at a few areas and am very curious to find what you guyz have thought, about different topics we've had in Jelly this year. I still remember a few comments that've made me laugh...(yes and raise an eyebrow at times 🤨 so let's keep it kind and remember, there are no silly questions or ideas....)🥰

🎁 hmmm...there may be something cool, for a few, especially awesome comments...... 😊🌼



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