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Royal Championship - What do you think?



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  • dc2015dc2015 Posts: 185 Level 2

    Makes the 2nd time this morning. So aggravating

  • SpaghettiSpaghetti Posts: 122 Level 2
    edited May 2020

    This just happened. Never fails! I was leading 38-8 and then magically my opponent got colour bombs and fish falling from nowhere and won 🤔 Sorry King... keep trying, because you’ll never get me to pay to “keep progress”

  • dc2015dc2015 Posts: 185 Level 2

    @headoperations seems very odd they say the game isnt rigged but it sure seems it is

  • Leanna_AllenLeanna_Allen Posts: 1,168 Level 3

    I just WON....and it says I lost my progress...🤪 The studio really needs to do something about these technical issues...or offer us a refund or something....


  • OhemaOhema Posts: 141 Level 3

    Gm Everyone, welcome to king Comunity, where our complains are taking in consideration or you can just force to cage🖐🏻🤣 , hey guys @Leanna_Allen @jjac272903 @headoperations @Spaghetti @SweetiePie @medusa

    So the falling candie's got worse I play someone that every time they make a move a disco fall out of no where, am not going crazy some of the developers play against us with the objective of blocking wins it's clear

    Every move he made there was falling disco's and he would not let me use my booster my screen was frozen for 20 minutes I just keep lol before he left he wave so I kne he was just taunting me.. they dnt expect us to be clever enough to figure it out but we are my father is a developer as well so I kno their ins and out it's their app why do you think they cant manipulated. Someone at studios have fun slapping the ball out our hands I screen shot his name anyone has play him?

    When you do you in for being froze, turn skip, no acces to Boosters ever tho they full.

    Why they do this to us?? Its very obvious too much not to pay attention.. someone not listening

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 6,558 Level 5

    Has anyone heard if @NamTruong2001 is still playing on a leaderboard alone?

    I laugh so hard every week when he posts a pic of a leaderboard with only his name on it.

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 6,558 Level 5

    @dc2015 if you keep playing the RC and hanging out in here, you’ll learn not to believe everything “they“ say.

    Just start noticing how many people complain about losing the last match of their rounds

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 454 Level 3

    @dc2015 it's not just you!!! It happens to me ALL the time and more times than not, it's a cartoon profile picture. So annoying!!

    I just wish all this blockers would activate with the same amount of candies. I have so many rewards saved because everytime I use them they never get used because it takes too many candies to activate. Although my opponents never seem to have this issue though.

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 454 Level 3

    Seriously tired of all the technical issues going on. On a 5 game streak and went to use my booster and it froze causing me to lose my turn and in turn the opponent winning. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • dc2015dc2015 Posts: 185 Level 2

    @headoperations I've been playing a long time I just haven't been in this group long. I've noticed it happens to alot of people. @alsto40 it's very frustrating not being able to use any of rewards. I just keep saving mine because they take so long to fill. Seems every board my opponent makes 1 move and both their boosters fill

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 6,558 Level 5

    @dc2015, it’s my theory, and it’s became a pretty shared one, that either:

    a) an algorithm is in place that gives a slight advantage of candy falls to the player with the lowest winning streak in every match. (I think it’s most notable in the last match of each round because you almost always go against an opponent with a lower streak in that match)


    b) an algorithm is in place to do something similar as described above only during the last match in each round.

    It could be either or a little of both, and I’m sure the studio would deny it. But I think it is being done to raise frustration in each player, which in turn raises the probably that gold bars are purchased to “keep progress”.

    The sheer number in which people lose that match is a statistical anomaly. That part is not an opinion, but rather a fact. So I can’t be convinced otherwise. Something shady occurs in regards to the final match of each round.

  • jjac272903jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3

    I swear, the majority of the time, I'm playing hosts. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. They're all from Westworld. I can't advance past 5 of 7. Its annoying and makes me feel discouraged. 😒 😞 🙄

  • jjac272903jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3

    No profile pic or is always a cartoon. It’s like your mom telling you there's no such thing as ghosts....but you've had an experience with one or two or many. 😳😳😳

  • Nikolaos_ProdromidisNikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 2,689 Jelly Moderator

    Hi everybody!

    My favourite boosters are striped and wrapped lollipops. As everybody says, now they take too long to load! My question is if before last changes they were loading faster! As I remember, most of my opponents (and I) were using the pink lollipop together with striped or wrapped ones, according to which was available. Less people were using cage with striped or wrapped and far less other combinations. The fact is that all boosters were usable! I do not remember a single game where I did not use the boosters, mostly once in a level, but it was a strategy to choose when to use the stiped or wrapped lollipop, as a critical move to win the game!

    Which is the reason that now they cannot load?

    1. The new boards do not have enough space for the player to make moves and have continous combos from candies falling down?
    2. Earned boosters from boxes load slower than before?

    About the new boards I have to tell that two of them are "slow" and player mostly can't reach the diserable number of jelly to win. The third new board is a nice surprise!

    Today I had 5 lives to play, Four times continously I had the cc board (I lost more of the the games but this is not the fact).

    I want to suggest to the studio:

    1. Each player starts with pink lollipop and cage in the beginning and earn permanently new boosters as going to next levels.
    2. Earned boosters load faster than now.
    3. Player selects boosters knowing which board is going to play! On different boards, different boosters are better!
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