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Royal Championship - What do you think?



  • AmkennyAmkenny Posts: 26 Level 2

    20 minutes now and still looks like this against Jonah with 34 winning streak.

  • AmkennyAmkenny Posts: 26 Level 2

    40 minutes and still didn’t load so now I lose my winning streak. Freaking Jonah the cheater.

  • babijanebabijane Posts: 38 Level 2

    Yeah I played against Jonah a couple of times — can’t remember his winning streak but I do recall my game lagged once and did the same to you!

  • kimlee0116kimlee0116 Posts: 23 Level 2

    Im just wondering if you guys use your gold for life refills or things like that?

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 936 Level 5

    When I’m excited about playing, I’ll use it to buy the 24 hour unlimited. But I haven’t in a couple weeks probably.

  • ClarenceBeaksClarenceBeaks Posts: 49 Level 2

    I was somewhat spoilt for choice here

  • babijanebabijane Posts: 38 Level 2
    edited June 23

    Yes of course it’s the name of the thread. But let’s be real, a thread that has over 20 comments a day (that some are replies to other players, not an opinion, etc.) is not the place you’re gonna get answered when you’re talking about bugs and freezes, it’s more of a forum that some admins can answer some questions and resolves easy bugs but the best way is : reporting via email.

    I wrote the solution to the problems that I had and it worked.For very problems I had, I’ve sent screenshots, time and dates, and wrote with all the respect in the world considering it would be sent to another human being doing its job. I never thought they would but they gave me over 400 gold back for the issues I had because I’ve had proof with screenshots and detailed informations.

    If you still want to write complains on this thread even though you haven’t received an answer for months it is your choice of course! I only wanted for some people to see that they are other ways and doing the same thing over and over while it’s not working out isn’t gonna get you anywhere.

    and also ; unfortunately bots are legal and they can use it and people should get used to.

    My point is ; they are legal as long as it doesn’t corrupt your game and if it does (like you did with the clocks and other lags) : write a personal email with a screenshot and detailed info of what happened and they will make sure it won’t happen.

    I’m really sorry if I annoyed some of you with my message. I might sound rude because I’m looking at those issues with the eye of a girl in her early 20s who grew up with games having bots and AI detecting good players and changing algorithms to make it harder to win in order to make them spend real money but my message was on a very deep level of compassion for you guys. I hope I can get the chance to prove I’m on your side with all of this.

  • alsto40alsto40 Posts: 289 Level 3

    @babijane I don’t care if bots are used or not. I am just telling you what the CM told us. It’s obvious they aren’t answering our questions here. But they asked for our opinions so we give them. At the end of the day we can express our feelings and obviously play or not play. Have a good day.

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 936 Level 5

    @alsto40, just come over to the other thread. We found a post over there today by “the system” indicating that a lot of our posts were moved there. I guess it’s just a “coincidence”

  • babijanebabijane Posts: 38 Level 2
    edited June 23

    I’ve never said you can’t express your feelings? There’s no need to be rude with me. If I’m talking about bots, it’s cause many wrote about it and all I said was that it was legal for them to use them on some terms. If you don’t care that they use bots or not, then you shouldn’t feel concerned about that part of my publication or getting mad at me. With your response I guess my entire post was not addressed to your issue so there’s no need to shut me me off like that or feel attacked on your right to hold your own opinions and express them aloud. You can have yours and I can have mine. I hope you have a good day too

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