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๏ปฟ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๏ปฟ Celebrate the Royal Championship's first anniversary with some shiny Gold Bars! (FINISHED)

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Welcome to the Royal Championship’s first Anniversary Party!

You wanted to celebrate - and we’re always up for a party!


In the spirit of the Olympics that would have started in Tokyo this week, and of course in the spirit of our beloved Royal Championship, let’s open up a competition where our values of friendship, respect, fairness and determination rule.


Who will win the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Royal Championship category?


Gold medal: 50 Gold Bars

Silver medal: 30 Gold Bars

Bronze medal: 20 Gold Bars

And for everyone, a cool participation badge!


These are the rules:

  • Play the Royal Championship
  • Post a screenshot of your maximum streak during the time the Community celebration lasts (previous streaks don’t count!)
  • You can post several screenshots, the longest streak will count
  • In case of a draw, we’ll have to choose the winner randomly (among the ones with the highest streak, of course!)
  • You have time from now until the 14th of August 2020, 13.00 CET
  • General Terms and Conditions can be found HERE

You can also share your Happy Anniversary messages for the Studio HERE!

C’mon and join the party!

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