Safeguarding your collected boosters

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Through purchase or receiving them as rewards or gifts, boosters are a vital asset when playing the tough challenges in your game.  All those levels passed and challenges met bring tasty rewards and it’s important you can access them whenever you need them most.

Losing access or visibility of your sweet boosters can leave a bitter taste, so it’s important to know what you can do to make sure this doesn’t affect your smooth gameplay.

Boosters are saved directly into the memory of your device, so you can always access them even when you have no signal or are playing ‘offline’ by choice or in Airplane mode.  Unlike your level progression and purchased Gold Bars, these aren’t saved here at King – but this is so you can access them whenever you need them at any time.

It also means that if you switch devices to a second device linked to the same player profile, or if you upgrade or change devices to a new one – your boosters will remain with your old device.  As it’s not possible to transfer these to a new device, it’s important to consider this when making any changes to the device you play on.  In addition, it also means if you reinstall the game or delete the important data holding the boosters, they’ll be lost and cannot be recovered.

A final thing to think about is the specification of your device.  Boosters take up space in the memory, especially if you have a lot of them.  This means older or lower spec devices may encounter problems if you have a lot of boosters.  We do recommend you have at least 1 Gigabyte of memory in your device, both for storing data and items like your boosters, but also for the smooth delivery of gameplay.  Devices are being updated and enhanced all the time, so our games meet their abilities by becoming more sophisticated and feature-packed.

The great thing is, more than ever before, we’re offering frequent ways to win and collect boosters.  They’re designed to be used in your game as you play, rather than collecting them as there’s no benefit to you in keeping hold of them, but it could be a sour episode if you lose a lot of those items you’ve worked so hard to collect!

To minimize the chances of losing them, the three things we recommend you consider are:

  • Keep your boosters at a manageable quantity and avoid ‘stockpiling’ them. New boosters are added all the time, but losing large quantities you’ve collected could be a real nightmare.  Boosters are far more use than they are ornamental, so make use them whenever you can and you should find the levels are much easy to crush!
  • Make sure your game is linked to a player profile, such as a Facebook-linked account or creating and saving a King profile. That way you can always return to your game easily.
  • Make sure your device is up-to-date and meets fairly recent device specifications (and always make sure you have around 1 Gigabyte of memory free). You can probably play on an older device too, but you’ll be more likely to encounter problems.
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