Defuse Candy Bombs with these easy tips!

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In Candy Crush Saga one of the most challenging obstacles is the Bombs. They can create problems for any player who doesn’t know how they work.


Candy Bombs can be destroyed like any other ordinary candy; any normal combination will help you get rid of them as well the effect from any Special Candy. Sweet combos are also very helpful!
If a Bomb explodes, then the level is lost and you will have to try again.

You’ll notice a number displayed on the bombs, this is the number of turns you have to deal with it before it explodes and the level is over. Each time you make a move, the number will decrease by 1.

You will need to focus on them in any levels where they appear as they are always the biggest threat to you finishing the level.

The worst thing that can happen is if you accidentally get one isolated from the rest of the Candies on the board, which can result in situations where you can’t possibly win the level - so make sure to keep them surrounded by other candies as much as possible.


Things to be aware of with the Bombs:

  1. Depending on the level you are playing, the number of turns each bomb has before it blows up can be as high as 50 or as low as 1
  2. Mystery Candies are mostly helpful, but be wary they may contain a Bomb
    Bombs trapped in Marmalade, Liquorice locks or in sugar chests will still explode if the timer reaches 0.
  3. In timed levels, it’s very important to be aware of the Bombs always. If you see that one is close to exploding and you already have the required points, then simply let the time run out and you will still win the level. 
  4. If a bomb is very close to going off and you can’t see any way to match it, then you can use a Bomb Cooler. That will add +5 to all of the Bombs on the Board and give you a little breather to figure out a way past it.
  5. Bombs give a lot of points! You can use this to garnish your scores and get those hard to reach top scores!
  6. Sometimes it can be confusing as to exactly why you lost a level. For Bombs it’s easier though, you will see a message at the end of a level saying “A Bomb was about to go off”
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