Tips and tricks to beat level 65

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First things first:

It’s important to know what to focus on first. Understanding the final goal will help you identify secondary objectives that will lead you to your sweet victory.

Destroying the chocolate blockers will stop it from appearing again. It’s okay if you can’t crush chocolate in every turn, just try to get rid of it as soon as you can. Don’t let the chocolate cover your special candies or they will be gone for good!

Remember, focusing on chocolate will help you destroy jelly blockers!

Destroying the liquorice blocker is easier than you’d think, just try to match three candies with the color inside the blocker. Try focusing your attention on them as soon as it's possible. 

Once you are done with them, there will only be jelly blockers left! Keep on going and you will clear them all.

Remember, try to have a clear view of what you need to focus on first and prioritize your goals. You can do it!


Let the magic happen:

Try to accumulate as many different special candies as you can. Combining different kinds will unleash a colorful explosion of delicious points. There are multiple combinations for you to explore, each special candy combination will have a different reaction. Try them all and learn which ones are the most useful for you!

It’s helpful to save them towards the end of your game, but don’t hesitate on using them if you see a great opportunity to crush it!

We have one little secret for you: If you can combine two color bombs, something amazing will happen!

Start biting the delicious edges:

In level 65, all the important blockers are located towards the edges. There are jelly blockers in the center as well, but they will be cleared while playing. Focus your attention on the outside part of the square.

The corners are often the most difficult spot to reach. Special candy are really useful to clear nearby areas. It’s important to take these areas into consideration when planning your strategy. Keep practicing and eventually you will learn the easiest way to access the edges.

Take your time. Be adaptable:

Don’t rush! Take your time and don’t worry, there is no time limit. Look at the board and make the best available move. Always take it slow and make the best play available

Boost boost boost!:

Try using a booster to make your life easier. Analyze your situation to decide which booster is the best fit for your specific situation. 

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