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Level 130 is probably the first time you'll come across this tricky game mode, but once you learn the secret you'll be itching for more levels like this. 

In 'Collect the orders' levels you need to pay particular attention to which orders you need to collect, these will always be shown on the left hand side of the screen in the small window underneath the score counter. 

The orders might be quite straightforward - make and collect 5 Color Bombs, but they can be fiendishly tricky, as seen in level 130 where you'll need to match 2 Striped Candies together, and not just once, but 5 times! This means you'll need to make at least 10 Striped Candies in order to complete the orders. 

If you find yourself struggling for a technique, don't forget you can always head over to YouTube and search for the specific level there. You'll find a wealth of videos to lend a hand but just be sure to choose one where the player doesn't use any boosters. 

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