What are Sweet, Tasty, Divine and Delicious cascades?

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When you make a match, one or more candies will fall down into the gap left by the original sweets.  These are 'cascades' and are a great way to enjoy the game as they'll often help you toward collecting your candies, hitting your scores or reaching your target goals.

If the falling candies form a sequence of matches, you’ll see words like ‘Sweet’, ‘Tasty’, ‘Divine’ and ‘Delicious’ appear on the board.

Another thing to know is that cascades can often be the trigger for items to drop.  So if you're waiting for a cherry or hazelnut, or need an item to appear in the game to reach success, triggering these cascades are often the best way to increase your chances.  Make matches low on the board so that those rows above have a natural chance of matching other rows and you'll be on the road to divine success!

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