What types of boosters are available?

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You can purchase all sorts of boosters from the Yeti Shop, each allowing you to do something different in the game:

  • Jelly Fish: When Jelly Fish are added to the board and matched with two or more candies of the same color, three extra pieces of jelly of the same color are cleared per fish.
  • Coconut Wheel: This rolls either horizontally or vertically over your candies to create three Striped Candies.
  • Color Bomb: Switch a Color Bomb with a Plain Candy to eliminate all other candies of the same color.
  • Striped and Wrapped: Start your game with one Striped and one Wrapped Candy randomly placed on your game board.
  • Lucky Candy: This can be matched to fit any combination. For example, if you have two yellow candies and a Lucky Candy, you can activate the Lucky Candy and match it with the yellow ones to clear them.
  • 5 Extra Moves: Ideal for those tricky levels in which the standard number of moves isn’t quite enough.
  • Lollipop Hammer: This lets you smash a candy of your choice on the board.
  • Free Switch: This allows you to switch two different candies without creating a match of three or more. A very strategic booster.
  • Bomb Cooler: Watch those ticking time bombs! Add 5 to the countdown for all bombs visible on the game board.
  • Sweet Teeth: The Sweet Teeth eat their way through any candy, blockers or bombs that lie in their path.
  • Extra Time: This adds 15 seconds to your gameplay for those all-important timed levels.
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