How do I use boosters?

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Boosters are a useful tool in tackling levels for Candy Crush Saga and sometimes can be the perfect tool to hit those hard levels.

There are a range of boosters available in the game which are explained both in game and in articles elsewhere in this help centre, so take a look around and you can find some great tips.

It's important to know that there are two basic types of boosters.

Some boosters are activated on the pre-game screen 'goals' screen.  This is shown before you enter a level and will tell you what you need to achieve to pass. Beneath the goal are the listed boosters you can take into the level to help you out.  For example, the Color Bomb booster lets you start the level with a Color Bomb already placed randomly on the game board.

Not all boosters can be used in all levels, so make your choice wisely before you start.

The second type of boosters are those you use 'as-and-when' in the game.  A great example of these is the Candy (Lollipop) Hammer.  You can select them in the level you're playing and use them whenever you need.  This second type of booster (available in gameplay) are shown at the edge of the screen, so you can see which and how many you have at any time.

If you don't have a booster, tapping it will open the window to show you how much it costs in Gold Bars to by that booster.

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