How do I restrict in-app purchases on my Android device?

Purchases are carried out using your saved payment information, held in your Google Play Store account.

If you'd like to avoid any accidental purchases being made on your Android device, simply open the Google Play Store app and follow these steps: 

  • Tap the 'Menu' button in the top left corner corner of the Google Play Store search bar
  • Then select 'Settings'
  • Scroll down to the 'User Controls' section and select 'Require password for purchases'
  • Then select the first option 'For all purchases through Google Play on this device'
  • Your Google Play password will now be required for all purchases

Automatic In-App Purchases are now disabled and a password will be required to make any purchases. 

Please note: the instructions above may vary according to the device you are using, you can always double check your device user manual for further information.

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