Accidental purchases on iTunes

If an accidental purchase is made from one of our games to your iTunes account, we may be able to help guide you in in the right direction.

The purchase is made through our game, however, the payment is processed by the local app store. In this case and on Apple devices, the purchase is carried out in the iTunes Store. Payments are not managed by King, but by Apple using your iTunes account.

Unfortunately, iTunes has not granted us access to their payments system (for the security of your account and Apple do not share this information with other parties).

To report the accidental purchase and request a refund, you will need to reach out to iTunes directly. Open the email received from Apple when the order was placed and tap the 'Report a problem' link in the email to begin the refund request process.

If you don't have the email in your inbox, just visit your iTunes account and tap 'Report a problem' next to the item in your purchase history. Alternatively please see the following where further guidance can be found on reporting a problem to Apple:

We’d also strongly recommend that you take a moment to secure your device against accidental purchases made in this way, so you don’t have any more sudden surprises. Please follow Apple’s guide on how to do this here:

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